White Sweater Outfits Every Fashion Girl Is Wearing Right Now

From oversized silhouettes to sexy red sweater outfits, winter is definitely sweater weather season. Whether you are pairing with classic black leggings or chic ankle boots, there are so many ways to accomplish cute white sweater outfits utilizing your winter capsule wardrobe essentials.

As the polar opposite of black color, white is the perfect color to lighten your skin tone and make your skin complexion cleaner than any other color. Not only that, white color is also the official timeless color that you can wear year round to look cute and stylish for every occasion.


How to wear a white sweater?

It’s so easy to dress up head-to-toe black in winter. But wearing hints of white or even all white clothes in winter looks modern and chic. Its important to keep your whites looking bright and well maintained with a few basic sweater hacks.

In order to wear a white sweater with your favorite capsule wardrobe items, pair it with a black blazer for a workwear outfit or casual jeans on a lazy day. Also, don’t be afraid to add a pop color accessory such as cute lavender gloves or even a bright lipstick red beret.


White Sweater Outfits

White Sweater Outfits

source: @lornaluxe

There are a variety of white sweater styles from chunky to oversized and mock neck. Easily mix and match with the basic items in your capsule wardrobe.

A variety of sweater types and colors make for great basic essentials that every woman must have in her closet. White sweater outfits are a must-have statement piece that goes well with your favorite winter skinny jeans and classic pump heels.


What To Wear With A White Sweater

What To Wear With A White Sweater

source: @glamometer

Are you spending endless time to find the perfect outfit for the day every morning?

If you are concerned about what to wear with a white sweater, you can easily start by grabbing boyfriend jeans and snow boots during the winter. To complete the casual sporty look, you can wear a neutral tone puffer jacket over the top to keep you warm and stylish.


Long Sweater Outfits

Long Sweater Outfits

source: @lemondedezoja

Who doesn’t love a pretty long lace dress?

It doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite spring maxi dress. Instead, wear jeans underneath and a tunic sweater over the top. Master your layering skills with a long sweater outfit this winter.


How To Wear A Pullover Sweater

How To Wear A Pullover Sweater

source: @jolielot

Simple skinny jeans and a lazy hair day will help you look amazing when wearing a pullover sweater. Play around with different neckline pullover to create a one shoulder or slouchy sweater look for the day.


Women’s Sweater Outfits

Women’s Sweater Outfits

source: @chictalkch

How to wear head to toe white in winter?

The best place to start is to always wear your comfy sweater.  Pair with winter skinny jeans that go well with every outfit in your capsule wardrobe and you are all ready. Add a cute leopard print cross body bag or ankle boots to give extra chicness to your outfit.


White Sweater With Jeans

White Sweater With Jeans

source: @my.name.is.nataliee

White sweater with jeans is the statement look that every fashion girl is wearing right now. To make it workwear friendly, add your classic tonal color wool coat to look classy and chic.

You can easily wear matching color ankle boots and carry a clutch for an additional accessory.


Cute Sweater Outfits

Cute Sweater Outfits

source: @dangerangelx3

How to make cute sweater outfits?

If you are wearing a chunky relaxed white sweater, a light grey or white color beret makes you look cute like a French girl. Small accessories can totally upgrade your entire look instantly.


How To Wear White Sweater Dress

How To Wear White Sweater Dress

source: @janicejoostemaa

If you can’t live without a sweater dress during the fall and winter, you are not alone! Wearing a white color dress is a little bit risky, but with over the knee boots and a vintage black tote bag, you will be ready for work and travel.


White Cardigan Outfit

White Cardigan Outfit

source: @richa_418

Cardigans are a fall season staple. But a white cardigan outfit is also perfect for winter!

You can easily wear it with a plain t-shirt and jeans for a casual look or even a feminine floral printed dress for date night outfit.


What To Wear Under A White Sweater

What To Wear Under A White Sweater

source: @beautykiller_19

Are you still wearing a button-down shirt underneath a sweater?

That is so old school. If you are always debating what to wear under a white sweater, grab your favorite versatile camisole or even a white lace trimmed silk camisole with ripped jeans.


White Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

White Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

source: @themercerny

If you enjoy wearing a black turtleneck top, it’s time to switch to white turtleneck sweater outfits. White sweaters are so modern and classy that you will even want to layer with a faux fur coat to look like a girl boss.

You will want to wear this sexy style all winter long.


How To Style A Sweater

How To Style A Sweater

source: @girlmeetsgold

Wearing sweater outfits during winter can make you look bulky and heavy. It’s challenging to style a sweater without earrings or necklaces.

Great news is that you can easily style your white sweater outfits with a simple boho wool fedora. Avoid a bad hair day by staying warm and stylish during winter.


Oversized Sweater Outfits

Oversized Sweater Outfits

source: @mariakragmann

It’s easy to wear oversized sweater outfits with black leggings or thermal tights from your capsule wardrobe basics.

Instead, make your hairstyle top knot and pair your favorite oversized white sweater with light colored denim jeans. If you are wearing a crewneck or v-neck style sweater, keep your neck warm and also look stylish with a plaid blanket scarf.


White Cable Knit Sweater Outfit

White Cable Knit Sweater Outfit

source: @junesixtyfive

Winter is all about layering and playing with textures. Sweater outfits can make your whole look dull and boring.

Add a fuzzy faux fur coat and shiny faux leather leggings to upgrade your white cable knit sweater outfit to the next level. Stay modern and chic all winter with these stylish looks.


Spending endless time and money to build a capsule wardrobe is such a headache. On top of that, creating outfits with limited pieces is another task that everyone faces on a busy day. But a selection of sweaters with different colors and silhouette shapes drastically improves your capsule wardrobe essentials. You will be able to make your white sweater outfits look so amazing and also save time to put together new looks everyday.

White sweater outfits are perfect for every occasion and go really well with your basic essential items. With a bit of pop color or statement accessories, you will accomplish cute and warm white sweater outfits that every fashion girl is wearing right now.

How do you wear a white sweater?

Share your favorite white sweater outfits inspirations with us!


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White Sweater Outfits Every Fashion Girl Is Wearing Right Now

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  1. I have gotten many ideas for Christmas outfits as I have bought a white sweater for that day specifically. i normally wear jeans with white sweater outfit, but I do need to incorporate leggings, stockings and the like with it. I am not as comfortable wearing long skirts with white sweater, but the others are so cute!

  2. I do have an oversized white sweater that I love! I am all about sweaters when it’s cold out. I like your different white sweater outfits.

  3. This style guide is great. I really love the lace cami under the sweater. Living in Florida, I don’t get too much time to enjoy sweaters but winter dresses are everything! I think It’s time to do a bit of clothes shopping.

  4. I have three white sweaters that I absolutely love! I’m also a fan of knitwear as I feel it’s timeless, my favourite type has got to be the oversize knitted sweater as it looks smart but casual if paired with jeans and boots! Now I have more fun white sweater outfit ideas from reading your article, so I thank you for that!! 😊

  5. I love white sweaters and always dream of wearing them but with my day to day life I am terrified of doing so. I think I am so clumsy that I won’t even last to get out of the house clean. How do you do it?

    1. Haha! It’s definitely hard to stay extra clean, but somehow I manage. You definitely won’t see me outside changing a car tire, thats for sure 😉 But Also having a few clothing cleaning hacks at your disposal doesn’t hurt. So when an accident happens, use the proper clothing cleaning tip to make it look brand new again!

  6. White sweater outfits are so cool. They are a must have in any woman’s closet and a basic essential item for your essential capsule wardrobe.

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