Best White Wool Wrap Coats That You Must Have


The white wool wrap coat is one of the season’s biggest trends, with both high-end designers and the soon-to-be Duchess Meghan Markle. This past week, Prince Harry announced their engagement and posed for photos with her fiancé in a ivory white wool wrap coat. This white wool wrap coat fulfilled my ice-princess fantasies!



Origin of wool wrap coats

To make it short and sweet, the wrap belted or tie coat is originally from 1950s. Many vintage coats had belts that accented the waist and flared at the bottom. Sometimes known as the princess style, these coats were feminine, pretty and figure hugging.


How To Care For A Wool Coat

White is especially difficult to care of when you wear the color as outerwear. Even though you may be a super careful person, white can start to look off-white real fast, even if your good about taking it to the dry cleaning. Also 100% wool coats are expensive and not something that most people can afford to have too many of.

Below are easy and quick cleaning solutions for you to do at home and save money on visiting the dry-cleaners.

  • Gently brush the coat with a soft brush from top to bottom.
  • Hang wool coats in plastic
  • Blot spills on wool immediately to absorb up moisture.
  • Store coats after the season ends in a garment bag.


10 Best White Wool Wrap Coats

When it comes to choosing a white wool wrap coat and using the best clothes shopping tips, I need to know that I’ll get most out for my buck. Inexpensive materials really stick out with white fabrics and tends to look cheap.

These are some great quality wool wrap coat that you can get most out of your wardrobe this season:

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

1. BB Dakota Isaac Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

2. Etsy White Wool Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

3. Asymmetric Wool Trench Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

4. Slim Single Button Wrap Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

5. Shawl Collar Wool Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

6. Oversized Collar Wool Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

7. Draped Collar Belted Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

8. Notched Collar Belted Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

9. Wool Blend Wrap Coat

Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

10. Felted Wool Blend Belted Coat

So, now what you bought your new white wool wrap coat, you probably love it so much that you want to where everyday?

Wool Coats are different from other coats with a variety of other materials. Because wool last for many years, good care means following a few simple rules for cleaning and storing.

 What’s your favorite white wool wrap coat?


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Why Everyone Talks About This White Wool Wrap Coat

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  1. As someone who gets cold easily and often, I am a fan of wool! I love how stylish this coat is! Nice wrap around and the belt is always a bonus to me!

  2. Totally get why everyone’s talking about it! It looks stylish but warm and comfortable at the same time, would love to have it this piece in my wardrobe for sure, it goes with any color as well!

  3. No one has talked to me about it – lol… But I love it and would probably live in it in all honesty!

  4. I need this coat in my wardrobe. I love the color and style. I will have to look for one this weekend.

  5. That looks really warm. It looks classy and nice and it would keep me warm when I’m wondering the cold street in the winter. I like almost everything when you have here.

  6. I went to buy a coat and I saw the white ones everywhere. Though it’s nice it would never work on a mom with a toddler like myself. It wouldn’t stay white for a minute, lol.

  7. I love white wool coats! It reminds me of winter and snow. I hope there’s a male version for this coat.

  8. I really like the notched collar belted coat. So pretty! A white wool coat always looks stylish and chic.

  9. I love how feminine all of these coats look. I have a navy-colored coat that ties at the waist like this one, and I get compliments on it almost daily. It’s also very warm.

  10. I can totally see why everyone is talking about that white wool coat. It looks so comfortable, but with my luck I would get something on it lol. I will admit it is a beauty.

  11. I used to have a beautiful white winter coat. IT was my all time favorite and looked great with everything.

  12. Winter in my city is very brief, hardly 2 months and temperature hardly drops below 18 degree Celsius. So, I really don’t need a woollen coat. But I do have a few duster and pea coats in wool more for fashion than utility. I love the belted coats on your post. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These coats are gorgeous, but I agree that wearing white can be a bit of a daunting task. I have a toddler and I am almost always too clumsy to wear white. My favorite style is the oversized collar, I love being able to fit a warm scarf in there. I’ll have to take a look at some of these, thanks for sharing!

  14. Although I love the design – I could never wear white. I just have too much chaos in my life to be mature enough to get through a day in white!

  15. Love the white coat at the top although I don’t need a coat in Arizona where we spend the winter. I’m also wondering if I’d ever buy a white coat because it is so difficult to keep it clean. So I guess for now I’ll enjoy these white coats & those I see others wearing.

  16. I love white coats, and this one is stylish and looks very comfortable. I may get me a couple;)
    Perfect for the coming cold winter months. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love wool wrap coat. But we should handle it carefully. I appreciate your list and they all are perfect for the winters.

  18. This coat is so adorable! I have never thought about getting a wraparound in white but I love the way it looks.

  19. They’re so cute!! I would love love love to have one, but I have a one year old, so it might not be the best idea for me this year haha!

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