Winter Wool Coats That Go With Every Outfit For All Occasions


How many coats do you have in your everyday capsule wardrobe? If you have less than 5 coats in your closet, it is time to add a little variety to your winter essentials.  Every woman must have one of these winter wool coats in her closet. Not only will they keep you extra warm, but it will also add to your stylish winter capsule wardrobe.

Every women should own at least 5 coats in her closet. From white wool wrap coats to red coat outfits, it is important to have a variety of styles, colors, and silhouettes that go with every outfit for all occasions.

It is challenging to only own a couple of coats that you are constantly wearing with your outfits every other day. Its hard to create different styles and looks to mx it up all the time.


Winter Wool Coats vs. Down Jackets

Are winter wool coats warmer than down jackets? It really depends on your lifestyle, where you live or where you are traveling to.

Winter wool coats are definitely the most popular cold weather coat option. They have excellent insulation, which helps to keep you warmer than many other fibers.

Also, wool is naturally water resistant, unlike down jackets. If your jacket starts to get wet with melted snow, down jackets are really not the best choice.


What Material Is Good For Winter Coats?

Winter coats are not always about style and fit, they also focus on fabric and function. How to find out if a coat is worth buying, is to first know the fabric material contents.

Wool and nylon are the best materials for winter coats.

Wool is moisture-resistant, flame-retardant and also last longer than other materials. As a result, it makes the best fabric for winter coats. It can be a bit pricey, but at the end it will save you lots of time deciding what to wear and also money because winter wool coats are a long lasting wardrobe investment!

There are wool blended winter coats, so make sure you read the label to see that  the percentage of wool is above 70%, rather than only being around 10%.

Nylon is a great choice when it comes to the lining for winter wool coats. It helps to protect you from cold gusts of wind. Make sure to check the label to see that the lining contents are made of nylon.


Which Material Is Bad For Winter Coats?

Stay away from winter coats made with polyester fabrics. Blended polyester that is mixed with other fabrics, is fine.

But coats made with pure polyester don’t stand up to the cold very well. Also, polyester isn’t breathable and leaves you feeling sweaty as the temperature rises.


Are Wool Coats Warm Enough For The Winter?

Wool coats are perfect for winter, but not all wool coats are made the same. Here are 6 types of winter wool coats that you must know about:

  • Alpaca: Alpaca wool coats have a silky surface with a strong fiber feature. They are also warmer than sheep wool.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere wool coats are the most common fine wool and are also much warmer than merino wool.
  • Llama: Llama wool coats have more coarse and weaker fibers than alpaca. It is lightweight and gives excellent warmth.
  • Sheeps Wool: Sheep wool coats are the most commonly used type of wool. They are great at wicking away rain and keep your body heat insulated.
  • Merino: Merino wool yarn is much finer, softer and more lightweight than any other wool fibers.
  • Mohair: Mohair wool coats are made from the hair of the Angora goat, which is very strong and lustrous.


Best Winter Wool Coats

Winter Wool Coats That Go With Every Outfits and Occasion

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From plaid patterns to classic camel colored oversized coats, there are so many winter wool coats that go with every outfit for all occasions. It doesn’t mean that you must buy all the trendy winter wool coats every year.

Effectively use the best base layers for cold weather to stay warm even when it’s brutally cold outsideThere are specific styles and silhouettes that you need to consider when it comes to building your timeless winter capsule wardrobe.

Not all winter wool coats are the same. From different types of silhouettes to a variety of fabrics, there are many factors to consider. Use these clothes shopping tips to find the best winter wool coats available today.


Classic Double-Breasted Coat

Classic Double-Breasted Coat

This classic double-breasted coat is made with 60% wool, 30% polyester and 10% rayon. It is the perfect blend of materials for fall-like or light winter weather. Princess seaming detail makes you look very slim and sleek.

Insider tip: Perfect pea coat to wear to work or even as a casual outfit with jeans or skirts. If you want it to be slightly more fitted, order one size down.


Plaid Long Wool Coat

Plaid Long Wool Coat

If you are tired of solid colored wool coats, try to mix and match your outfit this winter with a plaid long wool coat. Double breasted with a turn-down collar, it is so elegant and chic that you will want to wear it with high boots and a turtleneck top.

Insider tip: There is a slight thin shoulder pad, so if you don’t need the extra fit around the shoulder, simply remove the cotton inside.


Longline Coat

Longline Coat

Slim fitted longline coat with a long lapel makes you look taller and leaner. Pair with a silk blouse and black slacks for a stylish workwear outfit.

Insider tip: The longline coat is warm enough to wear in any fall-like weather destinations. It comes a bit large, so choose one size smaller.


Wool Blend Blazer Coat

Wool Blend Blazer Coat

If you are not into long winter coats, this will be your go-to winter jacket. The stand collar feature will hug around your neck to keep you feeling warm from the wind. Pair with a grey crewneck sweater and white skinny jeans to complete a chic outfit.

Insider tip: Great fitted blazer coat that is not your typical winter coat. Give it a dry cleaning before you start wearing it.


Long Belted Military Coat

Long Belted Military Coat

Trench coat inspired look, this long belted military coat is made with a blend of wool and other fibers. Feminine meets military style, so that you can easily dress up your black floral maxi dress or even a pair of black tights with a turtleneck sweater dress.


Single Breasted Wool Coat

Single Breasted Wool Coat

Fit and flare silhouetted single breasted wool coat is perfect to wear with your favorite dress this winter. If you’re feeling extra cold, wear the oversized hoodie that is attached to the coat.

Insider tip: This wool coat is not too heavy. The back hemline is lower than the front, which makes this coat look so feminine and elegant.


Duffy Wool Coat

Duffy Wool Coat

Classic duffy wool coat with fur trim hood is so perfect for a winter casual outfit. If you don’t need the extra hood, simply take it off using the removable zipper collar. Unique toggle button closure detail makes this coat look casual.

Insider tip: If you have a large bust, order one size up to have more room for your layering pieces.


Pea Coat With Belt

Pea Coat With Belt

Windproof double breasted pea coat with belt helps to accentuate your waistline, no matter how bulky your sweater is underneath. It’s a classic and timeless piece that you can wear with every outfit for all occasions.

Insider tip: The pea coat looks very professional for formal events, which is perfect for looking stylish at winter holiday gatherings.


Long Wrap Coat

Long Wrap Coat

If you are looking for something simple to wear with no button closure details, this long wrap coat is a must have winter capsule essential that you need in your closet. Adjust your waist with the belt to make you look comfortable and fashionable in chilly weather.


Notched Lapel Trench Coat

Notched Lapel Trench Coat

Have fun with a colored notched lapel trench coat. With a red colored trench coat, you can wear a herringbone mini skirt and a white ribbed turtleneck top to look elegant and feminine. And with a pastel blue colored trench coat, you can wear a black mini skirt with a cream cowl neck sweater for professional workwear outfit.

Insider tip: The red coat comes with silky polka dot print lining, which compliments this style very well. Perfect red coat for any cold weather date night outfit!


Winter wool coats that go with every outfit for all occasions are hard to find. But with these wool coat shopping tips, you won’t believe how easy and fun it is to upgrade your winter capsule wardrobe. Try to look for care labels that are inside the coats so that you can evaluate the fabric material contents. Before making a purchase, determine your overcoat needs based on your everyday lifestyle and winter vacation destinations.

What’s your favorite style of winter wool coats?

Share your wool coats shopping experience with us!


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Winter Wool Coats That Go With Every Outfits and Occasion

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