Refashion Skirt Into Top (5 Easy Upcycle Projects)

What do you do with an old skirt? If you are into refashion like me, I see it as an opportunity to reuse old clothes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to refashion a skirt into a top. These upcycle project ideas are unique and fun ways to recycle old clothes into something new.

Follow along with these tutorials in order to refashion a skirt into a top. Use old clothes to make new outfits because it’s extremely rewarding to wear something cute that you have created. In addition, upcycled clothing adds a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Upcycled clothing is the best because it is original and one of a kind. In addition, you extend the life of the garment to get a few extra wears featuring different outfit combinations. Step up to the challenge with me, and follow along with this tutorial to refashion a skirt into a top.


How do you make a skirt into a top? 

With a few minor adjustments and alterations, turning a skirt into a top is not very challenging. This guide includes projects that show you how to make a simple top without a pattern.

Start by deciding whether you want a fitted top or balloon silhouette. Then, slide the waistline to the shoulder level and then add the arm and neck opening. Determine the sleeve structure, reattach both side seams, and add finishing details to the top.

In each of the refashion skirt into top tutorials, you will learn exactly what to do with an old skirt. Follow along and you will also be able to turn any skirt into a top.

The simple upcycle skirt projects add fresh new looks to your capsule wardrobe collection. Wear these one of a kind looks with your favorite basic essentials.

Refashion Skirt Into Top

Each refashion skirt into top project details step-by-step instruction for you to easily follow along. In addition, the video takes you through each part of the process and the guide covers in-depth written descriptions.

Furthermore, the tutorials include free skirt patterns for each creative design. In addition, you will understand how to make a simple top without a pattern.

The upcycle clothing tutorials detail the steps required for each of the project ideas. In the guides, you will see step-by-step directions, detailed photos and an instructional video.

From sleeveless tanks to sexy camis, we have you covered with a variety of fun styles to wear everyday from work to date night. Follow the guides to learn how to refashion your old skirt into a top.

In this refashion skirt into sleeveless top project, the goal was to maintain the tiered structure and drape of the original silhouette. As a rsult, the old tiered skirt turned into a really cute sleeveless top for a warm and sunny day.

The original skirt had three-tiered layers. The linen fabric gave a wavy appearance and the waistband was secured with a simple drawstring.

I started this refashion by converting the waist into sleeveless shoulder straps. I ended up using the wasitband as the finishing detail around the neckline and armholes. In the end, the upcycled top maintained the original structure from the tiered skirt.

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This old silk skirt was made with a very pretty floral burnout pattern. I felt like the fabric was elegant and unique enough to transform it into a halter top that can be worn for work or even a date night look.

I am absolutely in love with the lace pattern. The sheer chiffon lace also included a black lining. As a result, I didn’t need to worry about the undergarments.

The halter neckline was the most challenging section to work on. This guide details steps that clearly demonstrate how to turn a skirt into a halter neck top.

Follow these simple instructions and you will also be able to upcycle an old skirt into this top.

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I transformed a ribbed knit pencit skirt into a sleek cropped top that gracefully hugged my body. The original skirt had an elastic waistband with a sophisticated front slit opening.

For this refashion design, I turned the slit opening into the V-neckline and also incorporated a short sleeve style. The ribbed material makes the top feel super cozy and it also hugs the contours of the chest very well.

Follow this guide to learn how to turn your skirt into a short sleeve shirt.

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I refashioned a pleated midi ditzy floral skirt into a off the shoulder balloon sleeve blouse. I kept the pleating detail because I thought it was perfect for a pretty blouse with a flowy silhouette.

For this refashion tutorial, I use the elastic waistband to secure the off the shoulder function. Therefore, its important that your skirt fits perfectly around the shoulders before executing this exact design.

The pleats were also an attractive feature of this skirt. As a result, I preserved the vertical structure and refashioned the skirt into this DIY off the shoulder top with ¾ sleeves.

Off the shoulder tops are so fun to wear, and a perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe collection. Follow this tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to turn a skirt into an off the shoulder top.

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I transformed a satin midi skirt into this cowl neck camisole top because I needed a sexy camisole top for my wardrobe. For this refashion project, I replicated a camisole top and a cowl neckline to give a touch of sexiness.

In addition, I crafted bowtie spaghetti straps to secure the top over the shoulders. When combined with the skirt material, I feel like this look has become a perfect date night top.

This design is super cute, and also works well with multiple fashion forward outfits. Duplicate this skirt to camisole top design by using a similar shiny satin material.

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What is your favorite refashion skirt into top?

Share your zero waste upcycle skirt projects with us!


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