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Best Sewing Tape Measure in 2022

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Are you looking for a high quality and accurate tape measure? From taking body measurements for clothing to deciding how much fabric to buy, sewing requires the use of a tape measure instead of straight rulers. 

Therefore, every beginner needs to have at least one or two measuring tape in their sewing kit. They go hand in hand with a good ruler, however they are both used for different parts of the DIY clothing process.

The tape measure for sewingis normally designed to be flexible and reliable to suit the job of a sewer. These days, various types of tape measures are used for sewing, sort through the options below and choose one according to your requirements. 

In order to accomplish your sewing goals, select the best sewing ruler and understand the different types of measuring tape so you buy the right measuring tools for your projects. While choosing the best tape measure, determine whether you need a flexible tape measure or a retractable tape measure.

This article covers everything that there is to know about sewing tape measures. This guide includes answers to the frequently asked questions about tape marshes for sewing, along with a few helpful measuring tips.

What is a sewing tape measure?

In terms of sewing, the tape measure is designed for the purpose of tailoring or dressmaking, and it is made from a flexible strip or ribbon that is reinforced with polyester or fiberglass.

There are diverse types of tape measures that can be used for sewing purposes. They are made of different types of materials and can offers various scales depending upon the purpose for which you are using it. 

Sewing tape measures are specifically used for making dresses and tailoring clothing. It’s made of flexible soft plastic or cloth with linear measurement markings.

tape measure for sewing

How long is a tape measure?

The length of a tape measure can vary from one foot to more than 500 feet. However, the most common length of a measuring tape for sewing are 60 inches or 152 cm. 

To measure longer lengths for home sewing such as curtains or quilts, you may need to consider measuring tape that provide 100 inches/254 cm or 120 inches/304 cm.

What’s a sewing tape measure used for?

Sewing tape measures are flexible strips that help to accurately measure curved lines without using a straight/rigid ruler. A sewing tape measure is mainly used for measuring body parts from sleeve length to bust and waist. 

On the other hand, here are additional reasons sewing tape measures are used:

  • Draw patterns
  • Measure fabric
  • Place designs on fabric
  • Determine the length of garment
  • Check the size of borders
  • Measure curves and corners

Measuring tape is one of the most valuable and essentials sewing tools for every skill level. From cutting fabric to sewing, have measuring tape around your neck for easy access to solve any difficulties while you are working on the project.

What are the two sides of a measuring tape?

The two sides of a measuring tape include different types of units to read the measurement of a subject including imperial units and metric units.

The imperial units are measurement in yards, feet, and inches. And the metric units uses meters, centimeters, and millimeters. 

When reading a sewing measuring tape, the United States and Canada have both metric and imperial measurement, but most other countries only have metric units. 

Majority of sewing tape measures contain both units in one tape, so that you can easily understand universal sewing pattern or instructions without difficulty.

Types of a tape measure for sewing

Before finalizing the purchase of a tape measure, you do need to understand there are various types available and know which one works best for you.

There are 4 types of tape measure for sewing, briefly described here below.

  1. Marked only in centimeters and millimeters
  2. Only in inches and fractions such as is 8ths or 16ths
  3. Both inches and centimeters to make converting so much easier
  4. These tape measures are two-sided. On one side they have imperial units and on the other side, you can find metric units. You can use either of these sides while measuring any area.
best sewing tape measures

Soft Tape Measure vs. Retractable Tape Measure

Tape measures that are designed for making dresses and for the purpose of tailoring are made of plastic or cloth. These tape measures are known as flexible and soft tape measures. 

The measuring tapes are made of curved and flexible ribbons of metal that can be retracted into a coil and stored conveniently in its casing. These tapes are known as retractable tape measures and are more often used for home improvement.

The sewing tapes are normally used for measuring the body or fabrics in a long line that can easily hang around your neck while not using. 

However, the retractable tape measures are made with flexible tape with metal ends to retract when not using. Retractable tapes can be coiled easily into their casing when pulled in to store them and avoid tape from getting folded and ripped; it maintain its shape by proper storage in the round plastic portable container.

What is the best brand of a sewing tape measure?

There are several brands that produce the best tape measures. Some of the most popular brands include Dritz, Singer, Collins, Hawk and Clover. Depending on the type and measuring unit system, review each of the products below to choose the best one to add to your sewing box.

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