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How to Wash T-Shirt in Washing Machine

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Looking for easy ways to wash t-shirt in washing machine? Most likely, machine wash is preferred method for convenience and time saving during a busy schedule. 

From graphic tees to white t-shirts, washing a t-shirt in the proper way is crucial to maximize its life expectancy. If you follow the wrong instructions, you could destroy the shirt due to damage, fading, pilling or even excessive wear and tear.

How do you wash t-shirts in washing machine? Sort the t-shirts based on color and material. Pretreat and spot clean any apparent stains.

Flip the t-shirt inside out and adjust the setting to cold machine wash with delicate cycle. Ensure to use small amount of homemade laundry detergent.

Air dry t-shirts in a well ventilated area to reduce exposure to high heat generated inside a dryer machine.

Wearing a brand new t-shirt for the first time always feels fresh and the bright colors are extra appealing with a perfectly crisp print design. If only the t-shirt can stay in good shape forever. 

Washing them carefully in the washing machine can help them last longer, but only if the following precautions are followed. However, any t-shirt can be cleaned by washing machine or hand washing.

The worst thing you can do to your favorite t-shirt is throwing them in the washer without sorting and running the washer machine on high heat. To keep the shirt for longer and maintaining the look of a new t-shirt, a few steps should be followed.

Depending on your time frame and preference, there are tips for the best way to wash t-shirt at home that results bright color, wrinkle free, and shrinking free. In this article, we are going to answer frequently asked questions about washing a t-shirt in the washing machine and learn essential tips to care for your favorite tees.

Is it ok to wash one shirt in a washing machine?

Knowing what size of load to select is important. Almost every washing machine has a knob for selecting the appropriate size of the load that is right for the amount of clothing you are washing. 

The load can be small, medium, or large. 

If amount of t-shirts are one-third full of the appliance, then select a small load button on the settings. Use the medium setting if two-thirds of the machine is full, and when filling the whole machine select large setting. 

However, if you realize that you only need to wash one t-shirt, consider washing it by hand. All you will need to do is fill a clean sink with water, add some detergent, swirl it in the water, and hang it to air dry.

What setting do you wash t-shirt on?

When washing t-shirts in a washing machine, select the delicate cycle and use cold water. Delicate settings and cold water will help in preserving the print and color of any type of tees. 

Make sure to turn tees inside out before washing to protect the colors and prints from rubbing against the washer surfaces and other cloths. The friction can result in premature chipping of graphic design and color fading. 

Always ensure to follow manufacturer instructions and use gentle detergents and softeners. Avoid using hot water unless you wash white cotton t-shirts that may need hot water to be cleaned very well.

How Do You Wash T-Shirts in Washing Machine

When washing t-shirts in a washer, follow recommended instructions on the care labels and sort your clothes beforehand. Separating t-shirts by color and fabric content can help to speed up washing time and avoid from discoloring. 

Washing tees is so simple and easy process to do, here are step by step instructions for you to follow:

  • Check The Care Label Before Washing: Some t-shirts need to be washed with a specific detergent while others need to be dry cleaned. To ensure all clothes are safe from the washing machine friction, turn them inside out and zip all zippers and close all buttons
  • Separate for A Successful Laundry: Avoid mixing colored clothes and bright colored clothes in the same wash cycle. If some of the clothing lose color during washing, light-colored clothes can pick up the dye, altering their original color. Also, separate tees from heavy fabric such as towels and jeans because they are much more delicate.
  • Cold Machine Wash: Hot water will destroy a t-shirt quite quickly. Even though your t-shirt can be filthy-ridden, it’s not enough reason to use anything other than cold water. Opt to buy detergent specifically made for the cold wash to ensure your tees are thoroughly cleaned, even at cold temperatures. 
  • Use Gentle Setting: Most t-shirt fabrics don’t require a heavy duty wash setting to be clean. Washing tees under high intensity can significantly ruin the fabrics and designs much faster than necessary. Additionally, use the lowest temperature setting when drying t-shirts in a dryer machine to avoid damaging fabric, shrinking, and inadvertent fading. 

Tips to Wash T-Shirts in Washing Machine

There is more than just selecting the right detergent and separating by color and fabrication. To get the best results, use these clothing cleaning tips to wash t-shirts in washing machine to get crystal clean result that smells good every time you wear:

  • Use stain removal to treat stain from your t-shirts before washing them to prevent permanent markings. 
  • Always use cold water and avoid using bleach or extra strong detergents.
  • Always sort laundry before putting them in the machine to avoid damage and discoloring.
  • Make sure to flip t-shirts inside out before when cleaning.
  • Avoid putting too many t-shirts in the washing machine; this can ruin both the washer and clothing.
  • Always wash t-shirts together with similar content and color.

When drying t-shirt, avoid tumble drying in the appliance and instead air dry in a well ventilated area. Not only to reduce energy bills and consumption, it helps to protect the shirt surface from extreme heat. 

Furthermore, if needed to iron to remove any creases, always iron on reverse or inside of the shirt and consider using a pressing cloth. 

Best Way to Wash T-Shirts in Washing Machine

If you are afraid of t-shirts shrinking, pilling, or fading after multiple washes, you are using washing machine the wrong way. 

Here is the best way to wash t-shirts safely in a washing machine:

  • Sorting Stuff: It’s a good idea to separate by color, but it’s crucial to separate clothes by texture, fabric type, and filthiness level as well. Keep clothes with buttons, zippers, and rough textures away from the fragile fabric. For instance, washing a pair of jeans with a soft t-shirt can cause wear and tear that could inevitably alter the design. Separate tees from dirty clothes that need vigorous washing to be safe them from the extra friction.
  • Turn Printed T-Shirts Inside Out: After sorting all printed t-shirts together, it is important to remember that intense friction can affect the longevity of the tees. To reduce the alteration of any design, ensure to turn all printed tees inside out before washing. Flipping inside out helps protect the tees from wear and tear as a result of tumbling inside the machine. The inner side of a t-shirt tends to contain the most smell and sweat since it’s directly in contact with your body. Washing t-shirts inside out will help in removing bodily odor for a thorough cleaning that results in a fresh smell.
  • Regulating Laundry Detergent: Using excess laundry detergent can be dangerous as the chemicals can gradually destroy your tees and make clothing smell overly saturated. The detergent might smell nice on the fabric immediately it comes out of the washer, however the scent may intensify later. 

Washing machine settings and load sizes tend to vary, making it difficult to give an actual perfect measurement. Generally speaking, half of the instructed measurements will be appropriate for moderately dirty shirts, but you can add a little more if it’s not enough for heavy duty cleaning.

How to wash t-shirt in washing machine

Washing T-Shirts in Washing Machine: Conclusion

Out of all garment, washing t-shirt can be tricky and challenging. Without proper techniques, t-shirt can shrink, cause pilling, and discolor easily. 

When washing t-shirt in washing machine, start by separating t-shirts by color and content. Losing color or getting dyed by other bold colors is easy to prevent, and also avoid washing heavy fabrics together such as mixing t-shirt with jeans in one cycle.

To make the separation process even easier, always double check the care label before washing. Most t-shirts require cold water with delicate setting, however polyester or rayon blend may require different setting for best result.

For all graphic or embellished t-shirts, turn inside out to prevent excess friction or snagging when tumbling in the washing drum. This will also help to prevent the t-shirt from triggering pilling on the surface. 

Set the machine to cold water and use adequate amount of detergent, and avoid overloading the machine with t-shirts. One-third of a load is the ultimate amount to wash each cycle to clean t-shirts appropriately. 

If there are any stains, make sure to spot clean and remove the stains so the stain does not set in while washing or drying.

After the wash cycle ends, air dry t-shirts or tumble dry at low heat temperature instead of high heat cycle. But do not hang the t-shirt by stretching out the neck, instead pull the hanger through the bottom of the shirt to minimize effect on the neckline. 

Washing t-shirts in washing machine is quick and easy solution to get your t-shirt crystal clean and smells fresh again. If you are looking for a washing solution to keep shrinkage and fading at bay, use these t-shirt cleaning tips for the best way to clean up your favorite tees.

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