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How to Wash White T-Shirts- Best Way

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Do you own a closet full of white t-shirts and looking for the proper way to wash them? One of the most challenging clothing items to own are white t-shirt. 

Maintaining the brightness of white color shirts can be difficult. Compared to colorful or graphic tees, white t-shirts require a bit more consideration other than stuffing into a washing machine

How do you wash white t-shirts? Consider washing white t-shirts separately, and adjust the setting to a cold water cycle. 

To make white t-shirt white again, use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, dishwasher detergent, or vinegar. Avoid using bleach because when mixed in hot water it can change white to a creamiest or yellow color.

Of course, you always admire someone wearing a gleaming or crisp white t-shirt and wish yours could resemble. The good news is that it is effortless to keep your white tees shinning brighter than you can imagine. 

Most importantly, remember to get rid of stains on white t-shirt prior to washing for best results. 

So how do you get started? 

In this article, we are going to share our top clothing cleaning tips for the proper way to wash white t-shirts. In addition, answered below are frequently asked questions including the best tool to use, what feature and setting you need to rescue your white t-shirt. 

How do I get my white t-shirts white again?

From neckline to underarm area, it seems the more you wear and wash white t-shirts, the dirtier and more faded the original color becomes. If you are wondering how you can get a white tee to be bright white again, you can always consider using the following;

  • Baking soda: This is one of the best whitening powders. Consider pre-soaking ½ cup of powder into your wash, and use a mild homemade laundry detergent. Doing this will leave your tee fresh, white, and soft. Pretreat the stains by directly applying a mixture of water and baking soda.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: One great thing about this product is that it multitasks, and actually has no chlorine bleach. Thus, you only need to add up to ½ cup of the product to your wash combined with an effective detergent.
  • Dishwasher detergent: This is also a great multitasking product as well. Include it in your wash and observe the magic as it relates grease that has absorbed into the fibers. Just ¼ cup of dishwasher detergent is enough for your wash to get t-shirt white again.
  • Vinegar: Distilled white vinegar is useful to help get your white tee white again. The kitchen staple also helps soften and freshen clothing. Add up to ½ distilled white vinegar and detergent to your wash.
  • Sun: It is the most natural whitening power and works wonders on white fabric. Take advantage of it by hanging white t-shirts outside, this will help make your t-shirt brighter, clean smelling, and white.

When white t-shirts are properly cleaned, it is possible to maintain and bring back the crisp white color. Use these natural ingredients in each cycle to significantly help brighten the color, keep the fabric durable and avoid undesirable pilling.

How do you keep a white shirt from discoloring in the wash?

White shirts are very sensitive to stains and if not properly maintained, they can look old and shoddy. Therefore, a little attention is required to help avoid discoloring. 

This discoloration is initiated by sweat stains, grass stains, frequent washing, and regularly exposure to uv sunlight. Basically, the right approach to maintaining white shirts from discoloring in the wash is to consider washing them as gently and little as possible. 

Just follow the tips below and say goodbye to unwanted discoloration:

  • Wash with Vanish: Employ home remedies such as lemon juice, mild acid vinegar, and soluble aspirin to enhance the white brightness. The good thing about Vanish is that it is formulated to incorporate these home remedies, hence ideal to fight discoloration.
  • Wash white clothes separately: It is tempting to wash light-colored clothes together with white garments. Note that colors can be transferred easily, and that is why it is important to avoid mixing clothes while washing.
  • Avoid bleaching: If you think of using chlorine bleach on your clothes, then you need to know that it is an awful idea, particularly for white clothes. When mixed with hot water and ironing, it can change your white tee to yellow.
  • Store white shirts separately: We have already mentioned that color can easily be transferred. Therefore, wash dark-colored clothing separate from their light or white counterparts.

Choosing the best detergent for white t-shirts

If you are looking more options other than home good staples to wash white t-shirts, there are several detergents available in the market. However, the challenge is to pick the best one that fits your needs. 

To help you select the best detergent to wash white t-shirts, follow the tips in this guide:

  • Type: Detergents come in three distinct types. These include liquid whiteners, powder whiteners, and pods. Liquid whiteners can be used the same as standard detergent. Powder options are the standard type of detergent. Pods, also referred to as PACs are pre-measured and convenient, for some this can be an ideal option.
  • Bleach or bleach-free: Although bleaching seems great, it can destroy white fabrics. Furthermore, frequent exposure of clothes to bleaching agents is harmful to your health and can cause delirium, stomach pain, coughing, and irritation if ingested. Despite that, there are several whitener options formulated without bleaching, and these products perform better than bleaching agents.
  • Loads: It is advisable to consider the number of loads the whitener can handle, this will give you a guide to plan how long it will last. Do not overload your washer, it cannot perform well and does not remove dirt well during the cycle. 
  • Color safe: Despite the hustle of looking for the right detergent to keep your white clothes clean, it is essential to consider the color-safe feature. Remember that some detergents can discolor or brighten colors, so use accordingly.
  • Temperature: The last thing you will need is to confirm if the detergent can be utilized at any temperature. Some individuals prefer washing with cold water to save energy or reduce color bleeding. Ensure the option you choose will match with personal temperature preferences.

What temperature to wash white t-shirts?

After preparing the right detergent and tools to wash white t-shirts, there are other element to consider. Setting the correct temperature to wash white t-shirt is total game changer. 

White t-shirts should be washed in cold water. The temperature range can be 70 degrees Fahrenheit or even below. 

Colder water temperature helps to give your tee a long-lasting crispness. It also helps minimize the risks of undesired colorization like yellowing.

Tips to wash white t-shirts

Since it can be confounding to maintain the white color of your t-shirts, let us share these essential tips to wash white t-shirts to keep them shinning forever.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when washing what tees:

  • A common problem with white t-shirts is the yellowing stains. Don’t think that the issue is caused by sweat. Usually, aluminum in deodorants is the chief cause. Note that aluminum is utilized to prevent sweaty pits and not maintaining the pristine and cleanliness of your tee.
  • Prevent dirty collars even before you wear the tee. Sweat, dirt, and hair, can transfer to the neckline of your tee. Therefore, consider scrubbing and rinsing your neck area before wearing a bright white t-shirt.
  • In case your tee gets stains, remove it as fast as possible. The longer it stays on the surface, the more challenging it will be to get it out.
  • Add baking soda to your laundry to help whitening when washing. Hard water can delay a detergent’s overall effectiveness, thus soften the water before washing clothing. 
  • Instead of using dryer, hang white t-shirt on a clothes line. This can keep your tees looking bright. The ultraviolet waves from the sun can further brighten the garment, but be careful not to overdo it because uv can eventually damage fabric.

When using washing machine to wash white t-shirt, turn the t-shirt inside out before tossing into the appliance. Flipping the tee can help to keep the outside of the garment looking fresher and also avoid from pilling after multiple cycles.

Best way to wash white t-shirts

One of the best ways to washing white t-shirts is using white vinegar. To help you do it correctly, add ½ cup of the product to your wash. 

It is safe to use vinegar along with the right detergent. Additionally, you can wash white t-shirts by hand or in a machine. 

The good thing about adding vinegar is that the acetic acid compound in it breaks the soap and dirt component, leaving your clothes feeling soft, brighter, and fresh smelling.

When using a washing machine, simply pour vinegar in the fabric softener drawer, and add regular laundry detergent accordingly. Set the machine to cold water as it will upgrade the color of the shirt compared to hot water, which eventually fades the brightness away.

Hand washing white t-shirt is also an alternative method. 

Mix vinegar and mild detergent in a sink or bowl of warm water, and gently massage the t-shirt in the water. Rinse thoroughly using clean and cold water to get all the cleaning solution out of the fibers. 

How to wash white t-shirts

Washing White Tees: Conclusion

Washing white t-shirts is not as challenging as it might seem to be. With the right washing approach and detergent, you can always make your white clothes soft, fresh, and bright. 

Whether you are using machine wash or hand washing, adding vinegar to the cycle helps to make t-shirt brilliant white. Be aware to not overload the machine and wash white t-shirts separately for best results.

Always pretreat stains prior to washing, this can help to avoid permanent stains from setting in. Try to keep away from bleach on white t-shirt when mixed with hot water, this can discolor and fabe its vibrant color. 

There are various tools to wash white t-shirts, however the best detergent is to consider bleach-free, color safe, limited loads and correct temperature setting. Keep the temperature below 70 degrees F and wash white t-shirt in cold water. 

With these clothing cleaning tips and steps, it is quite easy to wash white t-shirts. Maintain a dazzling white color and stain-free surface so you can enjoy a clean tee, and no longer stress about how to take care of white t-shirts again.

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