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How to Get Stains Out Of White Shirt – Best Way

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Are you looking for an easy way to get stains out of white t-shirts? From coffee to wine and ketchup, stains magically find their way to make your white t-shirt unrecoverable. 

Whether you are looking to remove armpit sweat stains or wash white t-shirt to make it ready for next time, the first step to take care of is to spot-clean to pretreat and remove any stains before they set in.

How do you get stains out of white t-shirts? Use mixture of white vinegar and castile soap to spray on the stained area and let sit for 30 minutes. Afterward, sprinkle baking soda or oxygen bleach and gently scrub the powder into the stain. 

Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed and wash the remnant powder with cold water. 

Staining your new pristine white shirt is pretty upsetting. Of course, it is one of the chief reasons we purposely dislike wearing light color shirts when enjoying coffee, wine, or meals at a party because the perception is that you will inevitably spill something onto the top. 

However, this should not be bothersome as there are expert tips designed to help you get the stain out. Basically, stains make our white clothes look old and vintage

It’s impossible to cover them up, but luckily there are tricks you can employ to get rid of the spot. 

In this article, we are going to review the different tricks to get stains out of white shirt depending on what caused the stain. Answered below are frequently asked questions about removing stains from white shirts, including clothing cleaning tips and the best way to get the stain out.

Do stains come out of a white shirt?

Yes, different types of stains can come out of white shirts or any type of clothing provided that you use the correct method. Additionally, you need to avoid some products because they can result in more stains on clothing. 

In case the stains persist, consider repeating the same procedure. Note that when the stains in apparent on your white shirt, it should be acted upon as soon as possible. 

The longer you wait, the more challenging it will be to get rid of. 

To remove stains out of the white shirt, all you need is washing machine, homemade laundry detergent, salt, ammonia, clean cloth, white vinegar, and cold water.

What is the best stain remover for a white shirt?

Basically, there are two kinds of stain removal to consider to spot-clean a white shirt. The methods discussed below are machine washing or pretreating.

Pre-wash applications are utilized on the stains directly via rollers, by hand, brush, or spray. They are appropriate for faster applications and washing by hand, and are not generally ideal for machine washing. 

The washing machine options are stain-busting liquids and powders added to the washing machine’s drawers or drum to be used at specific points of the cycle. This helps to avoid the task of pouring the product on your own. 

The list is endless, and therefore, there are some aspects you might want to consider before picking just any stain remover product for white shirts. 

Two options to consider are delicate or non-bio stain removers:

  • Delicate: Many stain removers are not tailored to use on delicate fabrics like silk, wool, or cashmere. Therefore, if you have stained your beautiful white silk shirt, you will need to confirm the instructions on the products to be certain it will work on that fabrication.
  • Non-bio stain removers: These options are great for individuals with sensitive skin because they don’t possess enzymes. Additionally, there is little to no fragrance added. However, due to the lack of enzymes, they seem to be less effective.

How to remove stains out of a white shirt

Not all stains work in one magic solution. 

Depending on oil or non-oil based stains, you need different method and mixture to completely remove the blemish. Different stains have distinct approaches when getting them out of white shirts and clothes. 

Here is quick guide to remove stains out of a white shirt:

  • Any stains: Before machine washing, evaluate the cause of the stain. If it is an oily stain, keep water at bay because oil repels water. Oil stain can be grease stains, lipstick, mascara, and food oil. If the stain is water based, cold water should be able to rinse it away. The next method can be employing hydrogen peroxide, which should be used together with dishwashing liquid. Once the two mix, apply the solution to the stained area. If it is a huge stain, soak the whole shirt and wash it by hand.
  • Grease and oil: Oil and grease are insoluble in water, therefore it must not be washed and rinsed in water because it may cause more harm than good. Baking soda is the best item to use, since surfactants are excellent for removing oil and grease stains.
    To achieve spot free results, baking soda, dish soap, a toothbrush, and a dark towel will do the trick. Just sprinkle baking soda onto the stain, utilize a toothbrush for scrubbing the dish soap or baking soda to loosen the stain.
  • Sweat stains: Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water, the ratio of these three ingredients should be equal. Apply the mixture to the stained area and rub gently using an old toothbrush or sponge.
    Similarly, employ undiluted white vinegar and apply it to the stained area. Just make sure that the product sits for up to 30 minutes before washing as normal.
  • Blood: Use hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the blood stained area. This must be applied in small quantities directly, and sit back to watch the stain disappear. If the bloodstains are old, repeat the procedure until it disappears.
  • Rust: If the white shirt has rust, utilize either lemon juice or white vinegar. Simply lay the shirt on a towel and apply white vinegar in small quantities, or use lemon juice and gently rub the stain. Afterwards, blot using a clean white towel to soak up the saturated liquid.

Tips to get stains out of white t-shirt

Identify the origin of the stain so you know exactly how to treat the mark. However, there are few more tips to get stains out of white t-shirt to help you speed up the process: 

  • Try spraying small amount of mixture on the stained area to test.
  • Use soft toothbrush to rub gently to avoid from pilling the fabric.
  • Avoid using hot water to remove stain, instead use cold water.
  • When applying mixture, let it sit on the stain 30 minutes to an hour to really soak in and loosen the stain.
  • Do not throw stained white t-shirt into the washer and dryer, this may set-in the stain permanently.

Best way to get stains out of white t-shirt

Generally, stains can be easily removed within 24 hours of happening. The longer you leave them on a white t-shirt, the longer it takes to get rid of. 

However, if white t-shirt has been washed or dried already then it is extremely difficult to remove because high heat can set-in the stain. 

No matter how old the stain, the best way to get any stains out of white t-shirt is to pour laundry detergent like Persil directly onto the stain and leave to settle for 5 minutes. This can help remove stubborn stains such as jam, ketchup, and grass. 

Rinse the area using cold running water, then wash the area by hand or in a washing machine as normal.

Pour white vinegar into the stained area and give it 5 minutes to settle. This will help remove sweat stains, blood stains, and deodorants. 

Gently rub the area to ensure the stain is completely covered and loosens slightly. Wash the area by hand or use a washing machine.

Alternatively, soak the stained clothing in cold saltwater and leave for 3-4 hours. Pour laundry detergent and rub the stained area. Wash by hand or use a washing machine to complete the process.

If the stains persists, apply ammonia to the stained area and rub to get blood, sweat, and urine stains out of white clothes. Give it about 5 minutes to sit before washing out the cleanser.

How to get stains out of white shirts

Removing Stain from White Shirt: Conclusion

Getting stains out of white cloths may seem challenging, however it is easy provided that the right approach is followed. One of the best ways is by understanding the cause of the stain. 

All stains need to be eliminated before washing and drying. As a result, the white t-shirt will have crisp white that is stain-free all around the neck and armpit areas.

In order to get stains out of white t-shirt, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and castile soap, then simply spray on stained area and sit for 30 minutes. Afterwards, cover the soaked area with baking soda or oxygen bleach and use toothbrush to gently scrub.

Avoid scrubbing harshly, instead gently circle around to collect the dirt with the surfactant powder. Double check there is no longer stain on the t-shirt and wash thoroughly with cold water. 

From coffee to sweat stain, every stain requires specific treatment. Always treat stains as soon as possible and do not leave it for longer than a day. 

Don’t let stains ruin your favorite white shirts. Using these cleaning tips and methods, you can revive your favorite white t-shirt so it looks fresh and clean with any outfit. 

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