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How to remove grease stains from clothing

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From silk blouses to cotton t-shirts, other than make up and dirt, food stains are difficult to recover and seem impossible to completely get rid of. Food uses complex ingredients such as oil and butter to make it delicious, but once it smears into the fabric, the problem starts.

Grease is very hard to wash off since it is a lipid and insoluble to water. As a result, this makes the grease cling to fibers of fabric that leads to difficulty removing when using a basic laundry cycle. 

How do you remove grease stains from clothing? Check the care label on the garment and thoroughly review the blend of fabric it is made out of to apply correct detergent or soap.

For cotton and polyester clothing including shirts and pants, use liquid dishwashing soap or mild laundry detergent to gently rub the grease off. 

Any delicate garment such as wool or knits, use mixture of equal parts detergent and water to rub the affected area. 

Prior to applying detergents, sprinkling baking soda on the grease can help to absorb a majority of the stain out of the clothing before rubbing with soap to completely treat.

When detecting grease stains on clothing, pretreat as soon as possible instead of throwing into a washer and dryer. Heat in the appliance can set stains that aren’t completely removed beforehand. 

Hand wash and line dry is the first step to pretreat grease stains regardless of fabrication. By this way, you can easily avoid hot water or drying to prevent the grease stains from becoming permanent.

This article shares useful tips and tricks to pretreat grease stains properly without ruining the clothing. Answered below are frequently asked questions about natural home remedies to get grease stains out of clothing. 

Are grease stains on clothes permanent?

Yes, grease stains can become permanent. The longer you wait to get rid of grease stains, the more likely they will become permanent.

When the grease stains are fresh, blot them quickly with dry paper towel and place a piece of cardboard underneath the affected area to prevent the stain from absorbing through to the other side. 

The key to resolving grease stains is to absorb most of the grease as soon as possible. Paper towel is good material to use, but sprinkling baking soda helps quickly absorb the grease from the surface in 5 to 10 minutes without applying any force.

Can grease stains ever come out of clothing after its been washed?

Yes, grease stains come out of clothing after its been washed. Whether the garment is dark or light colored, it may be difficult to catch before going in the wash.

When pre-treating old grease stains that already been washed, it is crucial to choose the right detergent. Select a petroleum, all natural, or plant-based detergent such as Dawn soap.

Damp the affected area with cold water and cover with liquid dish detergent. Use a scrub brush or toothbrush to gently work the detergent into the stain. 

Rinse the detergent with cold running water. Lastly, wash the clothes with laundry detergent in hottest water based on the clothing care label.

Air-dry the garment and ensure the stain is completely removed before putting the clothing into the dryer. 

Can you remove a grease stain after drying

Yes, you can remove a grease stain after drying. It is not the easiest and simplest method of treatment, it requires an additional step but can be done.

Generally, the hot air in a dryer cycle sets the oil into the fabric and can result in discoloration. Therefore, pre-treating the clothing with an enzyme-based cleaning detergent is recommended. 

Fresh grease stains can be easily removed with baking soda or dish soap, but old and stubborn stains respond best to liquid glycerin. The glycerin loosens grease stains from fabric and makes it easier to wash away. 

Simply, dab glycerin onto the area and let it sit for one hour. Blot the excess liquid off with a dry paper towel and wash normally as directed on the care label.

What home remedy takes grease out of clothes?

Sometimes, the dish detergent does not resolve grease stains all the way. Depending on the fabrication content of the garment, there are certain ingredients that works or need to be avoid.

Here are useful alternative home remedies that take grease out of clothes:

  • baking soda
  • corn starch
  • salt
  • shampoo
  • lemon or vinegar
  • WD-40
  • hand sanitizer
  • chalk
  • toothpaste

There are many ways to pretreat grease stains in clothing using everyday household items. However, it is important to apply the right cleaner to solve the issue. 

Carefully read the label as indicated before applying any of the above suggestion. Again, test on a small area that is hidden not he garment before going after the affected area.

Tips to remove grease stains from clothing

Grease stains are a clothing nightmare because these type of stains require multiple treatments until it is completely gone. But with tips and tricks, there are ways to get grease out of the clothes quickly.

  • Try to remove the grease stain as soon as it occurred.
  • Always try on a small section of the clothing first to see if the method works well on the garment.
  • Place a cardboard or old towel underneath the stain to prevent from absorbing the grease stain on the other side. 
  • When using toothbrush to scrub, be extra careful not to damage the fabric. Instead gently dab and scrub if needed. 
  • Avoid throwing into the dryer before completely removing the stain. The heat will likely set the stain permanently. 

Best way to remove grease stains from clothing

Removing grease stains from clothing right away before washing and drying is highly recommended. Hand washing and air drying process is needed whether the stain is fresh or old and small or large affected area.

In fact, dish soap might be a go-to solution to remove any deep grease stains. But this quick and easy method may not work on all scenarios. 

Here are the best ways to remove grease stains based on the type of fabrications of your clothing:

  • Silk: Use dry paper towel to blot any excessive oil out. Sprinkle cornstarch or baking powder and let it sit overnight. Brush it off gently and dab with water to remove. Once the stain is completely vanished, blot dry.
  • Suede: Dip the garment into cornmeal and rub the stain in a circular motion. Brush off the powder with a firm bristle brush. If the stain persists, apply lemon juice and hold it under steam from boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Nylon, polyester, spandex, lycra: Rub liquid detergent onto the stained area. Wash the clothes with warm water and air-dry.
  • Linen: Apply heavy-duty liquid detergent or thin paste out of powdered detergent and water. Work on the affected area with your finger or white cloth. Wash it off with warm water and air-dry.
  • Leather: Use saddle soap to get rid of any residue. If the stain is still remaining, rub cornstarch or baking powder. Finish the affected area with a leather cleaner and conditioner. 
  • Cotton, canvas: Put heavy-duty liquid detergent on the stain and rinse off with warm water. Repeat the process until the stain is done and air-dry to finish.
  • Chenille, corduroy, velvet, wool: Sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder on the oil stain. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes, then gently brush off the powder. Wash the garment according to the care label and let it air-dry. 
How to remove grease stains from clothing

Remove Grease Stains from Clothing: Conclusion

Grease stains are a headache whether it is fresh or already washed and set it. Due to its similar tone and color of the original garment, it may be difficult to identify the stain in the first place.

Like most stains, it is crucial to pretreat grease stains as soon as it is notified for best result. 

There are many home remedies to apply when dish soap has not been working well on the stubborn grease spot. Try cornstarch, baking soda, salt, shampoo, lemon, vinegar, WD-40, hand sanitizer, chalk, and toothpaste to treat deep grease stains in clothing.

Depending on the fabrication of the garment, the length, repetition, and ingredients to clean the mark may vary. 

Always read the care label first and avoid washing or drying prior to pretreatment of the grease stains. 

Furthermore, test the cleaning method on a small hidden area as to make sure that it does not cause damage to the material or color before going all the way. This will help to make your favorite clothing brand new and away from headache!

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