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How to Wash Cotton T-Shirts – Best Way

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Are you looking for an easy way to wash cotton t-shirt? Cotton t-shirts are both stylish and comfortable to wear.

However, just a single stain or wrong washing method can make them look old, dingy and unattractive. Without proper steps, cotton t-shirt shrink if washed too hot and are very difficult to remove stains from once they are set-in.

How do you wash cotton t-shirts? Whether you are machine wash or hand wash cotton t-shirt, wash same colors together and use cold water to minimize shrinkage. 

Additionally, wash them inside out and use mild detergent to avoid from creating fuzziness or pilling on the fabric. When drying, avoid tumble dry and ironing, instead air dry in a well ventilated area.

One of the most thrilling experiences is putting on brand new, fresh and stylish cotton t-shirt for the first time. That super soft fabric with bright colors gives the comfort you desire in a t-shirt. 

If only these beautifully designed fabrics could stay in such awesome shape forever. When using the wrong washing method, the chances are that you will end up throwing it into the trash bin or it will shrink before you even have a chance to get multiples wears out of it. 

Let’s have a look at the right approach to wash cotton tees to get the best results. Answered below are frequently asked questions about washing cotton t-shirts along with clothing cleaning tips to ensure success every time.

Is it ok to wash cotton t-shirts?

Yes, cotton t-shirt do require washing if they are stained or dirty. However, you must employ the correct method to ensure that the fabric remains in optimal condition. 

100% cotton t-shirts should not be washed using hot water. In fact, hot water can make cotton clothing shrink, therefore it may not fit you anymore. 

With that in mind, it is important to wash cotton tees at between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit to make them crisp-looking and long-lasting. This also helps to minimize the undesired colorization causing t-shirts to fade in brightness. 

Do cotton t-shirts shrink?

Cotton t-shirts usually shrink due to various reasons. Shrinking can occur when you wash it for the first time because the chemical tension applied to it during production. Due to the production process, cotton clothing will shrink from steam and heat in dyers and washer machines. 

For this reason, experts recommend washing cotton shirts in cold water and consider drying at low temperatures. Despite that, the good news about cotton-made t-shirts is that while they can shrink if not washed immediately after buying, the shrinking would be little percentage overall. 

This implies that you must check the label to be aware of the exact blend percentage. The rule of thumb is t-shirts with over 50% cotton will probably shrink, however you can follow some steps to avoid shrinking if you love 100% cotton clothes. 

One of the best ways to avoid shrinking is to consider preshrunk cotton clothing. Regrettably, this option is not always available. 

The next great thing to avoid shrinking is following expert clothing care instructions. Many people don’t consider following instructions on the label, but it is worth doing so when it comes to cotton clothes. 

How do you wash cotton t-shirts?

In order to avoid cotton tees from shrinking or set-in stains, follow these proper ways to wash cotton t-shirts. 

Here are the steps to take  to wash cotton t-shirts:

  • Wash a cotton t-shirt less to improve durability and longevity. This means cotton t-shirts need to be washed only when necessary. Although high-quality cotton is strong, washing it frequently imposes stress on its fiber, gearing to fading, aging and excess wear. 
  • Washing the same color means white with white and black with black. This helps to maintain the color of your clothing. By washing the same color together, you minimize the risks of bright tees becoming yellow, grey, or other colors. In addition, when the color bleeds in the water, it may bond to similar colored clothing.
  • Wash cold. Cotton t-shirts are susceptible to heat, and therefore will shrink when you wash them in hot water. It is recommended to wash in water that is between 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to minimize colorization and shrinkage. Furthermore, washing in cold water help minimize environmental impact and cut energy consumption bills. 
  • Washing your cotton T-shirt inside out helps minimize the effect of the pilling and fuzziness of natural cotton. The same case applies when drying cotton t-shirts. If washed inside out, the potential fading will occur on the inner part of the shirt while the outer surface remains in better condition. 
  • Using the wrong detergent can do more harm than good to your clothing. It is important to look for detergents with natural ingredients or use homemade laundry detergent to help keep both the environment and your clothing safe. 
  • Avoid tumble drying due to cotton clothes possess natural shrinkage traits that normally occur during the drying period. Minimize this shrinkage risk by staying away from a dryer machine and consider air-drying in a well ventilated area. 
  • Cotton t-shirts are less or more prone to creasing and wrinkles. Reduce creasing by taking the shirts out of the washing appliance appropriately. Also, consider giving each tee a gentle shake or stretch to reshape. When ironing a cotton t-shirt, it is worth doing it in reverse. It is also recommended to use the steam function on the iron as much as possible. Providing moisture to cotton clothing prior to ironing helps to ensure the fiber is smooth and can flatten more effortlessly.  
  • Store your cotton t-shirts folded and lay them on a flat surface. If you love hanging clothes, use broad hangers to help distribute weight evenly otherwise the collar or neckband will stretch. Besides that, consider inserting the hanger the right way (from the bottom opening) to help avoid over stretching the neckline. 
  • If your cotton t-shirt gets stains, react as fast as possible. Basically, natural materials such as linen and cotton are awesome at absorbing liquids. This means that the quicker you will be to get rid of the stain the easier it will be to remove it entirely. 

Tips to wash cotton tees 

It is challenging to provide washing guidance on the cotton tee because there are several kinds of cotton blend materials available. 

To be on the safe side, always consider the following clothing cleaning tips:

  • Cotton tees can shrink when washed with hot water and dried with intense heat. 
  • Use cold water 70 degrees Fahrenheit and/or below with delicate cycle setting. This applies to both washing by hands or using a washing machine.
  • Give your tee a gentle stretch after washing to help the garment keep its ideal shape.
  • Consider air-drying cotton tees in a well ventilated area. 
  • Wash the t-shirt inside out to help get them cleaner and prevent the surface from wearing, fading or pilling.

Proper care of a cotton t-shirt takes a bit more effort than just throwing it in the washer and dryer. 

Pretreating stains and washing the right way helps to keep spots and discoloration from becoming permanent. Also, helps you to avoid from losing its shape and luster.

Best way to wash cotton t-shirts

Other than getting rid of stains, adjusting the temperature setting and selecting the right detergent, there are better ways to wash cotton t-shirts. 

The following step-by-step guide is the right way to wash a cotton tee:

  • Sort by stains: The initial step is looking at the tees very carefully and separates them according to the level of stains. The objective of doing this is to concentrate more on tough stains and pretreat accordingly. 
  • Pre-washing: Use effective and high-quality stain removal by following the recommended guidelines. Leave the garment to allow the stain remover to work and react.
  • Cold water wash: Consider turning the tee inside out before washing with an effective detergent. This should happen to those with light to no stains.
  • Warm water wash: This should be done for tees with tough stains. Remember to employ a good detergent and follow the guidelines before applying.
  • Drying: After the ideal wash, the last thing is drying the t-shirts. This is not an easy process because you can choose between line drying in a well ventilated area or machine drying. 
How to wash cotton t-shirts

Washing Cotton Tees: Conclusion 

Caring for a cotton tee is critical, just don’t let stains destroy them. Follow the proper washing procedures, use the right detergent, and dry them appropriately. 

Whether the t-shirt is white or has graphics on it, always separate colors to avoid from fading, bleeding or colorization. Also, use cold water to minimize shrinkage since cotton or more than 50% cotton content shrinks very easily in hot water.

Turn the garment inside out when washing in the machine, and use mild detergent whenever possible. As a result, the t-shirt will be cleaner and also maintain its color and shape. 

Cotton t-shirts do not require multiple washes unless it is desperately needed. Due to high-quality fibers, cotton shirts last long and may fade or age on reoccurring washes, so reduce this risk by keeping to the same colors when washing.

Always wash the cotton t-shirt in cold water that is between 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Selecting the cold temperature is important to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding from happening.

Cotton t-shirts require specific care and attention compared to polyester or blended fabrics. Because cotton is easily stained and shrunk, use these clothing cleaning tips and techniques to keep your favorite cotton t-shirt fresh and clean every time you wish to wear them.

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