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How to remove sweat stains from clothing

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Smelly and yellowy, sweat stains are not pleasant to clean up. Whether it is on white shirts or colored shirts, it feels like that sweat odor and stains do not disappear quite that easily. 

From lipstick to grease, stains in general are not fun to fix, especially sweat stains. Once the stains set into any fabrication of clothing, it is nearly impossible to remove completely. 

How do you get rid of sweat stains from clothing? In order to get rid of sweat stains from clothing, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water and soak the stained clothing for 30 minutes. 

If the sweat stains are not removed by then, blot hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water, but not hot water. 

Once the sweat stains are completely removed, launder with hot water and a proper laundry detergent.

Sweat consist of high concentrations of salt from our body. As a result, when soaked into the fabric, it alters the color of clothing causing a yellow or white stain underarm or around the neckline.

Always test the method on a small area that is hidden on the garment to find the proper removal method before applying it to your favorite clothing.

This article answers frequently asked questions about how to remove sweat stains from clothing. Shared below are tips and techniques to apply for various colored or white clothing depending on the type of fabric.

Are sweat stains permanent?

It depends. When the sweat stains are treated prior to laundering, you may be able to avoid it from becoming permanent.

Furthermore, some stains will be harder to remove than others. Therefore, it is best to remove any sweat stains while it is still fresh. 

On the other hand, if the stain has been dried or sat there for a while, it may be very difficult to remove. Furthermore, when the clothing has been washed and dried a few times, it may be impossible to get rid of the stains. 

Does hydrogen peroxide get rid of armpit stains?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide does get rid of armpit stains. Just like white vinegar, it is natural way to remove sweat stains due to releasing oxygen gas that breaks down the yellow stains.

In addition, it is the best tool to remove deodorant stains underarm pit that have blended with sweat stains.

When hydrogen peroxide interacts with sweat stains, it has the ability to cut through the greasy residue and dissolve the organic compounds from the sweat. 

Combine with dish soap and sprinkle over the area with baking soda on the sweat stain for best result. 

Does OxiClean remove yellow armpit stains?

Yes, OxiClean does remove yellow armpit stains. In fact, it works well on both white and colored clothing.

OxiClean can be used in various ways when it comes to getting rid of yellow armpit stains. You can spot treat the stain by making into a paste or soaking with warm water for a couple hours. 

When choosing soaking method, ensure the yellow stains are completely submerged. Depending on the condition and age of stains, choose mild stains for an hour and leave severe stains overnight. 

If the yellow armpit stains have not been treated after one or the other method, consider rubbing a thick paste mixture of OxiClean and water on the stain before soaking.

OxiClean is color safe, but keep in mind that when using OxiClean on colored clothing, it may fade more easily. Always test for colorfast before using this product to fix any stain problem.

How to remove sweat stains from colored shirts

Colored shirts make it harder to remove sweat stains. Without caution and choosing the wrong tool may lead to discoloring easily. Once, the garment looses its color, it is nearly impossible to recover.

To remove sweat stains from colored shirts, use a white vinegar solution. Simply, soak the clothing in a mixture of cold water and white vinegar for 20 to 30 minutes.

Rinse the soiled area with running cold water and gently rub with fingers to loosen the stain.

Once the stains are completely removed, wash the colored clothing like you normally would with similar like color loads. 

It is best to pretreat colored shirts immediately when the sweat stains occur. Due to preserving the color from the clothing, there are limitations for using soaps or detergents to remove stains without harming the garment.

How to remove sweat stains from white clothes 

White clothes can be straightforward and easy to remove sweat stains without concern for altering the color. In fact, with the right tool and amount can actually brighten the white color clothing.

To remove sweat stains from white clothes, simply test by running the garment under cold water to rinse and leave it to air dry to see if the mark disappears. 

If it does not solve the issue, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and water to make a paste or solution to soak and remove sweat stains. 

For natural substance options, consider sponging the sweat stain with white vinegar before washing. 

Sweat stains, especially on white clothes, are easier to remove when it is fresh. Once, the yellow stain sits for a while, it is very difficult to get clean.

Tips to remove sweat stains from clothing

Taking an action immediately when sweat stains occur is highly recommended. Sweat stains consist of organic compound and body odor that require more care and caution to treat.

Here are useful tips to remove sweat stains from clothing:

  • Test the stain removers and cleaners on colored clothes before using it on sweat stains.
  • Use white vinegar as it is safe for colors to treat stains.
  • Do not rinse the affected area with hot water because it may set the stain permanently. 
  • To remove yellow armpit stains, apply hydrogen peroxide paste.
  • For white and colored clothing, OxiClean can be used in paste or soak in water mixture solution. 

Best way to remove sweat stains from clothing

Regardless of colored or white clothing, removing sweat stains requires various ways of treatment. There is no single magic solution or method that works for every situation.

For white clothing, use mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and water paste or solution. The hydrogen also helps to brighten the white garment and easily removes yellow armpit stains. 

On the other hand, darker or colored clothes, be mindful to select the right solution to prevent from discoloring. Use equal parts of water and white vinegar to soak or rub in.

The time to soak on the stained area depends on the condition and how long the sweat stains have been there. 

Always test a small area for 10 to 20 minutes to let it sit with the paste and rinse thoroughly with cold water to evaluate the outcome.

Repeat the process until the stains are completely removed before washing the garment according to the care label. 

How to remove sweat stains from clothing

Remove sweat stains from clothing: Conclusion

There are many ways to remove sweat stains from clothing. However, it is important to understand the different types and techniques to apply on white or colored clothing.

Depending on how old the stains are and whether it has been pre-treated or not may affect the length of procedure.

The easiest and simplest way to get rid of sweat stains from clothing is by soaking in equal parts white vinegar and warm water for 30 minutes.

From this point, determine whether the affected area is clean or not. If it is not, apply hydrogen peroxide or baking soda paste and rub gently.

Always rinse thoroughly with cold water and ensure the stains are completely clean prior to applying high heat that may set the stain permanently.

Test the cleaning method on a hidden part of the garment before going through with the process. You want to make sure that the cleaning technique doesn’t make the color fade or affect the fabrication in any way.

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