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How To Wash Lingerie At Home (7 Hacks You Must Know)

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Every women has a close relationships with her bras and undies everyday. They support us, shape up and makes us stay gorgeous in every outfit and style. Learn a few tips for how to wash lingerie at home so that you don’t ruin your delicates.

But, sometimes they are really complicated to take care of, especially when they are made of lace, and have stains or funky smells even after multiple washes.

Learn how to make clothes smell good every time. It really isn’t that hard and take time to clean your favorite bras and underwear with these simple lingerie cleaning hacks!

step tutorial on how to wash lingerie at home

Lingerie Cleaning Hacks

Luckily, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to clean your lingerie without risk of damaging or deforming it. To help the complicated relationship with your lingerie, here are top 7 expert lingerie designer approved ways to clean and care tips.

Helpful for how to properly take care of lingerie, and how not to destroy it in the wash. These simple lingerie cleaning hacks are sure to freshen up your undergarments.

How To Wash Lace Underwear 

Lace is a beautiful fabric but delicate material so we really need to know correct way to wash in order to preserve your favorite lace bra and lace undies.

Read the garment care label and unless it is specified, hand wash in warm water using a mild homemade laundry soap or lingerie detergent without enzymes. When hand washing, do not rub nor hand wring.

If you are lazy and running out of time and need to use washing machine, the best way is to put your under garments in a laundry bag and use the delicate or gentle cycle.

All lace materials must dry out of direct sunlight and also dry lace flat.

Stain Removal Tips For Underwear

Fill a bow or in sink with ¼ hydrogen peroxide to ¾ ice cold water. Soak the underwear for an half and hour or so.

Check before you remove underwear from the mixture. If it looks better, remove and rinse with lukewarm water.

If not, allow to soak a bit longer. Either hang to air dry or use the dryer depends on underwear material.

Hand Wash vs. Machine Wash Your Bra

Hand washing and air drying bras are always the best ways for long lasting your lingerie. The only way to protect the hooks and straps is to hand wash clothes. And even you machine wash with lingerie bag, be sure to drip dry.

Dryer Or Not Dryer: That’s The Question!

Never, ever, under any circumstances put your bras in the dryer! The heat will deform the shape and will damage the fabric which will decrease the elasticity.

The proper way to dry any lingerie, you should always lay it flat on a drying rack or hang over a waterproof surface. Do this at night, you’ll have clean, dry bras and underwear ready to wear in the morning!

Why Use Salad Spinner To Wash Lingerie

Sounds crazy, right?  But using a salad spinner works when you are washing and drying your lingerie faster and effortlessly is a “ecofriendly” lingerie cleaning hacks.

To start, fill the spinner with warm water and add a small drop of laundry detergent. Place your bra in the water until well soaked about 10 minutes. Then, start spinning! Dump the dirty water and rinse our the salad spinner. Refill it with some cold water and place your bra back in.

Spin until the water is clear to make sure there is any dirt or detergent left over. Once there will be no more dirty water comes out, our out the water and put your bra back into the empty spinner. Now, it’s time to dry! Start spin to remove as much as water as possible, and then hang to dry.

How To Get Sweat Stain Out Of Bras

Pro lingerie cleaning hacks: When removing sweat stains, use hydro-peroxide. Soak the bra in a lingerie detergent and water bath, and add hydro-peroxide to the solution.

Swirl the bra around in the soapy solution, rinse and hang to dry. If needed scrub the stains carefully, while making sure to preserve the form of the cups.

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How To Store Lingerie

Cleaning often after wearing your favorite bras will last long. But properly storing your fresh washed bras and underwear will last much longer!

As for bras, store them standing up in a row, with cups inside of each other to help them hold their shape. NEVER EVER fold them in half!

Lingerie drawer dividers and boxes can also be great tool to help bras stand up tall when they don’t want to on their own.

For Best Results

When determining how often to wash your bras, you need to take the season or weather into account, and how often you’ve worn each bra. Follow the recommended clothing cleaning procedures for each type of fabric and material.

Every two to four weeks is usually ideal for frequently worn bras, but if you have more and wear each style less often, you can wait up to 6 weeks to do the washing.

You should also never be wearing the same bra for two days in a row because letting the bra rest in between days helps to keep the shape and elasticity of each style.

On and one more last tip! To make every morning easier to find your favorite bra in the perfect shade for your outfit, color coordinate both your bras and underwear from lightest to darkest. As a result, it will look super organized and make you happy every time you open the drawer!

How do you wash and care for lingerie at home?

Share your bras and underwear cleaning hacks!

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Becca Talbot

Tuesday 26th of December 2017

I have to admit, none of my lingerie is that delicate enough that it needs to be hand washed (or salad spinner spun haha). I don't have any nice feminine pieces like this, but the ones you've got here are beautiful x


Monday 25th of December 2017

I love the name of your blog. But girl I barely wear bras. I tend to go braless as it's easier for most of my tops.


Sunday 24th of December 2017

It's crazy how I often just chuck my lingerie with the rest of my clothes and don't think much of it and often wonder why they never last. Great tips

Sarmistha Goswami

Sunday 24th of December 2017

These are some great tips! I always hand wash my lingerie because the one time I tried machine washing them gave very bad results. I got t try Hydrogen peroxide too.

Suzanne Spiegoski

Saturday 23rd of December 2017

I've always washed my delicates with Woolite®. However, these are great tips/hacks as well.