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Best Handheld Sewing Machine in 2022

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Are you planning to purchase a handheld sewing machine? From straight stitching to sewing buttons holes, there are many features that are easy to accomplish with the best handheld sewing machine. 

The handheld device can be intimidating to study which brand and type of handheld sewing machine performs the best, last long, and can easily be used as a replacement for a sewing machine due to overwhelming amount of information.

Whether you are trying to do quick fixes on upcycled clothing or sewing clothes from scratch, here are detailed comparison and values to help you make the right decision. At the end of the post, you will know exactly whether it’s worth buying a hand-held sewing machine, or if a sewing machine is a better option.

In this article we cover all the details about handheld sewing machines, what to look for and how they are best used. Additionally, this guide answers frequently asked questions about handheld sewing machines to address any concerns or hesitations that you may have.

Is a hand-held sewing machine worth it?

To evaluate if owning a hand-held sewing machine is worth for you or not, start by understanding what you will be sewing the most. 

It may start with making some simple seams or alterations on your favorite pieces of clothing. There is a difference between being a sewing enthusiast and traveling a lot and looking for a good-quality and budget-friendly sewing machine that is portable.

In these cases, a hand-held sewing machine will be apt for you. There are certainly some types of stitches/seams that can’t be made manually. 

These machine-made seams are only possible through a sewing machine. Hand-held sewing machines will certainly be the best choice for you in that case.

On the other hand, if you are a sewing enthusiast who is looking for a small and portable sewing machine to play around with and learn to sew seams to finish seams, any hand-held sewing machine is perfect for the occasion.

When having access to a handheld sewing machine, no need to worry about the manual stitching process. You can easily and conveniently make beautiful stitches without a worry as these machines are small, convenient, and portable.

recommended handheld sewing machine to sew clothes

Can you make clothes with a handheld sewing machine?

Hand-held sewing machines are most suitable for making easy and simple stitches. But, depending on the type of machine you have, you can actually use the same device to make clothes.

If you are looking for a handheld machine that can be used in order to make clothes, then you will have to look for such a machine that comes with advanced stitching features. With the advent of technology, there are different types of handheld sewing machines available which come with advanced features. 

These small yet feature-packed sewing machines are fully capable and offer the ability to make clothes.

Handheld Sewing Machine vs. Regular Sewing Machine

By now, you have already gained a clear idea about the purpose of handheld sewing machines and their ability to fix and sew clothes with simple stitches. However, understanding the differences between handheld sewing machine and regular sewing machine is important to help you decide the right pick.

As you already know that hand-held sewing machines are portable and small, that’s why these devices come with limited features and facilities. A regular sewing machine is loaded with many extra features and variety of stitches that a handheld machine doesn’t typically have. 

Handheld machines are most suited for beginners as they will allow you to grow in skillset and learn the basics of sewing. Specifically, if you are a beginner who does not need to learn too many complicated sewing features, then you can surely go for this handheld machine. 

According to a recent stat, learning a hand-held sewing machine is much simpler than learning a regular sewing machine.

In addition to that fact, hand-held sewing machines are small and they do not require much storage space. Regular sewing machines are much larger in size and that’s why it takes up much more space requiring a larger table for operation. 

Handheld sewing machines provide you an awesome means of basic sewing as you can easily carry these machines whenever and wherever you want. No need for hand stitching when you have this simple appliance in your grasp.

To summarize, hand-held sewing machines are simpler and easy to handle. They are convenient, small, and perfect for simple tasks. 

On the contrary, regular sewing machines are more feature-packed, and a hand-held sewing machine does not have nearly as many stitching options. Instead, these machines only have features that are able to mend basic wear and tear.

Overall, it can be mentioned that handheld sewing machines are an excellent and useful tool for sewing simple stitches. It’s a great general-purpose machine for making garments, upcycling and tailoring quick fixes.

How much is hand-held sewing machine?

Hand-held sewing devices are extremely budget-friendly. Compared to a regular sewing machine, a hand-held sewing machine comes with a relatively less price tag that is under $30.

For example, a regular sewing machine will cost you around $200, therefore a handheld device is quite cheap in comparison. However, everything depends on the type of machine you have. 

The more advanced features your machine has, then it may be costlier and take a bit more skill to operate efficiently.

What is the best hand-held sewing machine?

There are many hand-held sewing machines available that are designed by reputed brands like Brother, Singer, and so forth. If you are searching for the best and most reliable handheld sewing machine, look for detailed instructions, easy handling, and portability.

Additionally, look for warranty guarantees in case of damage and need for professional help to fix.

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