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Types of Necklines

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Necklines are a flattering part of the garment for blouses and dresses. From casual to crew neck and fashionable mock neck designs, the neckline creates the mood and style for the garment. 

Whether you are sewing knit or woven, different necklines require specific execution. Let’s cover the most popular necklines that are commonly added to clothing. 

What are different types of necklines? The main types of necklines widely used in fashion industry are scoop, boat, cowl, halter, off the shoulder, and collar. These necklines are easily achievable by sewing pattern or by draping on the mannequin. 

The neckline refers to the part of the garment that surrounds the neck. Modifying an existing neckline on the old garment is also an excellent way to upcycle clothes into brand new trendy wardrobe pieces.

A good neckline is extremely attractive from the front view. It could also refer to the total line between the neck and the clothing, apart from the shoulders.

It is also considered an important aspect of dressmaking. A perfect neckline increases the overall appearance of the garment and also goes a long way in making bold fashion statements. 

There are different types of necklines and in this article, we will answer the frequently asked questions pertaining to necklines so that the readers are able to see different perspectives. Let us get into the main points that could help the readers have a fair idea about the types of necklines that are commonly used in clothing making.

What Neckline is Most Flattering?

Fashion trends are always changing, so what is famous and relevant today may not be so tomorrow. Furthermore, different different body shapes, heights and body structures are flattered more with specific neckline designs. 

The main objective should be to draw the attention of eyes up to the face. The body shape will have an impact on the type of neckline that could be considered most flattering. 

Use these tips to make the most flattering neckline choice that works best for you.

  • Apple or Round shape: Select deep V and scoop necklines. They could help in elongating the overall look of your torso, apart from drawing attention to your face.
  • Triangle body shape or pear shaped bodies: They often have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Go with a square, cowl, bateau or a jewel neckline to help add width to your hips. The wider and higher versions could be the most flattering choices.
  • Inverted triangle shape: This refers to women who have wide shoulders and narrow hips. Their waistlines are also flat, so for them a deep scoop, halter, cowl or v-necklines are the best options.

What are different dress necklines called?

There are dozens of dress necklines and it may not be possible to list down each one of them. However, we are happy to list down the most common  and popular ones that you will see in the fashion industry.

  • Crew: It is common and sits close to the neck, t-shirts are the most common examples.
  • Jewel: This neckline is also quite popular and is slightly round in shape. It is commonly seen in tops, and is named so because it is located in the place where necklaces are worn. It is often confused with the crew neckline.
  • U neckline: The neckline shape resembles the letter U, and is a neckline that is universally liked. It usually is as wide as the base of the neck.
  • Square: This neckline is similar to scoop but more resembles a square design. Also, it reveals off the collarbone which is known as flattering neckline for most body types.
  • V-neckline: It resembles the letter V in the English Alphabet. It is also considered to be one of the most versatile necklines to create an illusion of slim and skinny.
  • Bateau or Boat neckline: It is considered to be a wide neckline that could reach almost the the width of the shoulders, and at the same time sits very close to the neck.

Depending on the fabric and neckline shape, dresses have different style and looks. Identifying the best looking neckline for you will help you finalize the dress style. 

Make sure you are comfortable understanding the material and how it translate to your neckline. The fabrication and who is wearing the garment ultimately determines the best type of neckline.

How many types of neck designs are there?

As mentioned above, there are 6 popular neckline types chosen by women across the world. In the end, the best neckline design depends on the height, body structure, shape, weight and other such attributes of the wearer. 

The main neck designs are divided into slight modified variation of necklines. Choose the best that suits you and learn how to sew it correctly.

However, there are possibly 63 different types of neck designs from modern to historic that you can choose from. To learn more about different necklines, research vintage sewing patterns and following tutorials will help you to sew them correctly. 

Not only learning new neck designs, but also develop your library and wardrobe so that each garment brings out the attractiveness in you. 

Types of necklines

Neckline Types: Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the neckline is an important aspect for every garment. Not only plays a big role in changing the beauty, attraction and shape of clothes, but also could create an awesome artificial illusion that changes the shape of your face in more ways than one.

There are more than 60 different types of neckline. However, identifying the mainstream 6 neck designs will help you to get started to find out which one flatters you the most. 

The most common neckline designs include crew, jewel, U, V, square, and boat neckline

Each design appeals to different people. Depending on your body type and shape, one provides more flattering elements than the other. 

However, the most flattering neckline for most body type is square neck. It shows the cleavage which you will see lot in trendy garments.

Learning different types of necklines will help you understand the sewing pattern more easily. Developing a wardrobe with different neckline blouses and dresses will help you find out which necklines flatter you the most. 

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