DIY Dungaree Dress From Old Corduroy Pants


A classic dungaree dress is an essential must have item for your fall capsule wardrobe. Challenge your refashion skills with this upcycle tutorial on how to make a DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants.

From wine to khaki colors, corduroy is a fun fabric to wear and to mix up your late summer to early winter wardrobe. This DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants is a fun refashion beginners sewing project that also includes a detachable drawstring bag.

If you found a pair of old corduroy pants from your closet or a local thrift store, you can easily upcycle this functional DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants. Great news, this functional dungaree dress comes with a handy detachable drawstring bag!

It’s no brainer that dungarees are a 70’s geek chic trend that is coming back around. Sew your own DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants so that you are ready for the definitive autumn trend.


How To Wear A DIY Dungaree Dress

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Deciding what shoes to wear with a dungaree dress or even how to wear a dungaree dress in cold weather might be a bit challenging for many of us.

When determining how to wear your DIY dungaree dress, here are the best dungaree styles to choose from. Have fun fashioning this classic wardrobe piece.

Casual Look: Don’t be shy! Wear a striped oversized chunky knit or even a black mock neck knit top. Put your hair up in a cute topknot hairstyle to complete the look.

Work Wear: Pick a sleek black colored dungaree dress and pair with a crispy white button-down shirt underneath. In addition, tie your hair back in a slick low ponytail hairstyle to look professional.

Date Night Outfit: Wearing an off-the-shoulder cropped tee or camisole top underneath a faux leather dungaree dress, your date night outfit is hot and ready. Faux leather looks chic with a gold chain necklace, so dress to impress.


What Shoes To Wear With A Dungaree Dress

Casual Look: You can easily wear chunky sneakers or converse with any colored dungaree dress.

Work Wear: Black colored ballet flats, pumps or heels are all perfect shoes to wear with dungaree dress.

Date Night Outfit: For a sexy look, you can wear strappy heels. Furthermore, for a casual date night, you can pair your dungaree dress with a boots.


How To Wear A Drawstring Bag

Love this corduroy drawstring bag for back to school and festival! Creative ideas to make this DIY convertible dungaree dress with detachable drawstring bag from refashion old corduroy jeans pants. #dungaree #corduroy #drawstringbag #refashion #sewing #DIY #handmade #upcycle #recycle #repurpose #sewinginspiration #tutorial #crafts #instructions #fashion #casual #wardrobe #style #easysewing #tutorial #HowTo #clothes #clothing #dress #pants #skirt #backtoschool

This multi-functional DIY dungaree dress from old corduroys comes with detachable drawstring bag. You can easily unbutton the drawstring bag from the skirt when you have more to carry.

But how do you incorporate a drawstring bag well with your stylish outfits? Trust me, nobody wants to look like your coming straight from the gym.

Love this corduroy skirt outfit for fall and summer. So fun ideas to make this DIY convertible dungaree dress with detachable drawstring bag from refashion old corduroy jeans pants. #dungaree #corduroy #drawstringbag #refashion #sewing #DIY #handmade #upcycle #recycle #repurpose #sewinginspiration #tutorial #crafts #instructions #fashion #casual #wardrobe #style #easysewing #tutorial #HowTo #clothes #clothing #dress #pants #skirt #backtoschool

Casual Style: Pick any pastel stripes button-down shirt with white flat shoes to look simple and laid back style.

Work Wear: Wear a classic trench coat with a sleek faux leather drawstring bag on your casual Friday.

Date Night Outfit: With dark floral wrap dress or halter jumpsuit with tiny drawstring bag is date night ready outfit.

How To Make A Dungaree Dress From Old Corduroy Pants

How To Make A Dungaree Dress From Old Corduroy Pants

Recycle thrift shop clothes by transforming into a DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants. The drawstring bag makes this refashion a two for one deal that you can easily mix and match with your wardrobe.

Learn how to make this DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants. You can easily upgrade your fall capsule wardrobe.

Wear your DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants to festivals, to grab cup of your favorite coffee and also run errands during the day.

Use the front piece as pocket to carry your phone or cards. Even convert it into drawstring bag to carry more gadgets that you need throughout the day.

Grab a pair of old corduroy pants and let’s get started!

Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours
Difficulty Beginner


  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Seam Ripper
  • Straight Pins


  1. Start by using a seam ripper to remove the belt loops and all of the pockets.
  2. To transform old pants into a skirt bottom, measure 17” down each leg from the waistline and mark with fabric chalk. Cut along the chalk mark to remove the extra fabric.
  3. The pants were a bit large for me, so I took in the side seam about ¾” and cut out the fabric on both sides. Then, I had to create a new side seam, so I pinned to secure and then zigzag stitch to finish.
  4. Cut open the crotch seam and fold the skirt in half. With a ruler, draw a straight line from the back yoke seam to the hem, and another straight line from the end of the zipper to the hem. Sew zig zag stitch along the chalk mark.
  5. Clean up the edges and trim the extra fabric from the skirt seams.
  6. Grab one of the back pocket pieces to cover the front gap.
    Sewing tip: Make sure the corduroy directions are matching with the skirt pattern.
  7. Fold the edges, ¼” and pin to secure before sewing edge topstitch on the pocket piece. Even out the hemline by cutting a straight line.

How To Make A DIY Drawstring Bag For The Chest Piece

  1. To make the drawstring for the bag, I recycled the extra inseam from the pant leg. Using a safety pin guide the drawstring through the tunnel.
  2. To make a DIY drawstring bag, cut along the seam of the pants leg and remove the bulky seam. Then, fold the leg piece in half so that the height is about 11”.
  3. Measure 11½” across the fold and mark with fabric chalk. Pin along the chalk mark and cut the excess material.
  4. Next, sew both sides and finish with zigzag stitch. Flip the bag right side out and make a 1” wide tunnel around the bag opening.
  5. Make 2 pieces of 3½” by 2” straps. Fold all sides ¼” and then fold in half lengthwise. Pin to secure and edge topstitch all around both strap pieces.
  6. Topstitch diagonal across both bottom corners of the bag and then add a grommet to each.
  7. In addition, insert a grommet on both strap pieces for the bag. Attach the strap pieces on the top of the bag. And add belt loops to help close the bag.

How To Finish The DIY Dungaree Dress

  1. To make the shoulder straps, cut out 6 pieces of 1½” wide straps from the pant leg.
  2. Lay the wrong side of 2 straps on top of each other and fold ¼” on both sides. Pin to secure and edge top stitch both sides. Slide a finished shoulder strap through the grommet and make a knot.
  3. To make a dungaree dress, hand sew small snap buttons onto 2 belt loops.
  4. Attach one end of the belt loop inside of the waistline of the skirt. Slide the belt loop through the bottom grommet of the drawstring bag and secure with the snap button.
  5. Attach 2 tack buttons to the back waistband and measure the shoulder strap to fit.
  6. Double fold the hem ½” and finish with topstitch and complete this DIY dungaree dress tutorial.


This design features a detachable drawsting bag.

You have the option to attach the chest piece directly to the skirt bottom. As a result, you avoid making a convertible bag all together.

What’s your favorite way to refashion old corduroy pants?

Share your DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants with me at #MakeWithFashionWanderer!


Love this creative DIY dungaree dress from old corduroy pants DIY convertible dungaree dress with detachable drawstring bag refashioning ideas. You can easily use old pants jeans that dont fit and sewing it into a dungaree overall. So simple and vintage style to remake. Definitely pinning. #dungaree #corduroy #drawstringbag #refashion #sewing #DIY #handmade #upcycle #recycle #repurpose #sewinginspiration #tutorial #crafts #instructions #fashion #casual #wardrobe #style #easysewing #tutorial #HowTo #clothes #clothing #dress #pants #skirt #backtoschool

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