How To Shrink Leggings In 5 Minutes Without Sewing

Have you ever tried to shrink leggings at home? Leggings are a basic essential item that goes well with many pieces of clothing for a variety of occasions.

No matter how much you wash leggings properly, you can’t avoid the knee stretch marks or loose waistband of your favorite leggings. From casual to sporty, thermal leggings are a capsule wardrobe essential that should not be ignored.

Whether your leggings are worn out or you lose tons of weight this year, there are ways to shrink leggings easily at home. Wear your grey legging outfits in style with no need for thread and needles to shrink your favorite pair of bottoms.


Can you shrink workout leggings?

Not all workout leggings are made with the same fabric. The amount of shrinkage depends on fiber materials. Learn how to shrink clothes the right way without damaging the materials.

Unless the workout leggings contain a blend of cotton spandex, it might be challenging to shrink workout leggings. Even it does, they won’t shrink a whole lot.

Before you begin shrinking leggings, you must read the care label inside the leggings in order to find out what material your favorite legging are made of.

Depending on the fiber and fabrics, use these tips for how to shrink leggings. As a result, you will make your leggings last forever and they will also fit you like a glove. Prevent the need to replace your favorite leggings anymore.


How To Shrink Leggings

How To Shrink Leggings

Leggings and sweaters are a perfect match for winter outfits. Similar methods for how to shrink sweaters at home, in general shrinking leggings are not difficult at all.

Most sweater and leggings contain a blend of cotton and polyester, the easiest way to shrink leggings is to use the washing machine and clothes dryer.

In order to shrink any fibers, applying heat to the fiber is the most successful way to shrink almost any leggings.

First, adjust the temperature on the washing machine to hot and also choose the longest wash cycle.

Next, dry with high heat on the clothes dryer. Hot water and heated air condensed the fibers and help to increase the shrinkage.


How To Shrink Lululemon Leggings

Every fashion girl loves Lululemon leggings. They make everyone look stylish and chic from workout to casual outfits.

Wunder Under High Rise pants are amazing, but many of us have a problem with the fitted waistband and the crotch stretching out overtime.

After a gentle wash, most of Lululemon leggings won’t shrink much in the tumble dryer. If it contain any lycra fibers, it will stretch out and lose its shape retention.

It is recommended to not shrink any Lululemon leggings. Instead, make the right size choice when shopping or exchange for a smaller size.


How To Shrink Nylon Leggings

How To Shrink Nylon Leggings

In order to shrink nylon leggings, use the washing machine and dryer to reach your desired size.

First, setup the washing machine with a full cycle of hot water. Add 1/2 cup of ammonia to help prevent the leggings from fading.

After the wash cycle is complete, place the leggings in the dryer.

Set it on medium heat and run for 25 minutes. Make sure to not run on high heat because of the increased potential of damaging the fibers.


How To Shrink Lycra Leggings

Whether or not the material is 100% lycra or lycra blend, it should be washed in cold water. Furthermore, use the dryer for less than 10 minutes because you don’t want to damage the lycra material.

The fabric won’t melt, but the heat from a dyer will cause it to wear out faster. Heat destroys the rubber and elastic components of the synthetic material.


How To Shrink Polyester And Spandex Leggings

How To Shrink Polyester And Spandex Leggings

In general, the majority of workout leggings and thermal leggings are made with a blend of polyester and spandex.

Polyester is economical and durable when it comes to manufacturing, which is why it has been used in many different clothing types. Spandex, on the other hand, creates comfort and hugs on body smoothly, which is why you see it in jeans, leggings, and even some knit t-shirt as well.


Do polyester and spandex shrink?

Both polyester and spandex shrink with proper methods. It is easy and safe material to shrink because the dyes in polyester or any synthetic clothes will stay vibrant.

First, wash one polyester spandex leggings at a time with smallest water level setting and the hottest water option. Don’t shrink other leggings at the same time in the washing machine. Due to different leggings contents, the fibers won’t shrink the same.

Next, place your leggings inside a plain white pillowcase. Tie a knot so the leggings won’t come out when the leggings spin in the dryer. Set the dryer on the highest heat level and after done, let them sit in the dryer for 10 minutes.

Pull the leggings out and try them on. Make sure the leggings fit you like a glove to satisfy your look. If not, repeat the entire process again.

Once the polyester-spandex leggings have shrunk, rewash them as you normally wash the leggings without the detergent to set the shrinkage into the leggings.

Pro tip: When the polyester and spandex leggings shrink, they shrink in both directions. As a result, the length will become shorter as well as the width will become tighter.


How To Shrink Leggings Without Washing Them

There are a couple of ways to shrink leggings without washing them. Before using any of these methods, check the care label to make sure the contents are right for shrinking.

Natural fabrics like a cotton blend or wool blended leggings shrink well with moisture and heat. But 100% synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra will be challenging to shrink.

On the other hand, if the leggings consist of cotton lycra or any other blend, you have a chance to shrink without washing them.

Simply toss your leggings in the dryer on the highest temperature setting. Check the dryer often to make sure you get the right shrinkage.

Another way is to iron them, Simply sprinkle water onto the leggings. When they are wet enough, transfer them to an ironing board. Lay a pressing cloth over the leggings so it don’t damage the legging from ironing.

Then, iron the leggings on a low to medium heat setting until they have completely dried.

Pro tip: Avoid any steam setting on the iron. Dry ironing method will help to dry the leggings quickly, which will shrink them more efficiently.


How To Shrink Leggings Without A Dryer

How To Shrink Leggings Without A Dryer

The heat and the tumble of a dryer might end up stretching the leggings and damaging the shape.

If you are trying to shrink leggings and prevent from damaging, it is recommended to shrink leggings without a dryer.

Instead of using the dryer, use the normal wash cycle in the washing machine with hot water for a longer time. The longer the leggings are in the washing machine, the higher the chance to get the most shrinkage on leggings.

After the cycle, air dry the leggings on a flat table rather than hang dry. Hanging increases the potential of stretching the material.


How To Keep Leggings From Stretching

Leggings are a must-have essential that you can’t live without for a workout or daily outfits during fall and winter.

Especially the knee and waist area gets worn out easily and looks ugly with your outfit. In order to prevent leggings from stretching in the washing machine and dryer, simply use a mesh bag.

Place the leggings into a mesh bag and put it in the washing machine. Add a homemade laundry detergent into the machine. Start with a hot water cycle and dry it in the dryer with medium high heat.

The mesh bag prevents clothing from stretching out and protects the direct touch of the dryer drum extreme heat to prevent damaging the fibers.


How To Shrink Elastic Band

How To Shrink Elastic Band

Have you ever experienced the waist of your leggings getting loose? Over time the elasticity of waistband get loose and out of shape.

The easiest way to shrink leggings is by applying heat. Elastic bands shrink because the heat makes the rubber molecules get tense and causes them to shrink.

Simply hang the leggings around a coat hanger and use a hair dryer to blow hot air around the waistband. As a result, you will visually see the waistband shrink as it hugs towards the hanger.


How To Shrink Yoga Pants

If you are practicing daily yoga and pretty much living in your yoga pants 24/7, you might notice your favorite yoga pants losing its shape and elasticity. Great news is that you don’t need to buy brand new yoga pants anymore.

With this simple trick, you can easily shrink any yoga pants at home.

Most yoga pants are labeled as pre-shrunk, which means the yoga pants already went through shrinking treatment during the manufacturing process.

FYI, with pre-shrunken treated leggings, they won’r shrink with the washer and dryer methods.

First, boil a pot of water. Once the water starts to boil, remove it from heat and add the yoga pants.

Let the yoga pants sit for 2-3 minutes in he boiling water. Then, take it out from the pot and put it into the washing machine.

Next, add a small amount of laundry detergent and wash the yoga pants in hot water.

When the spin cycle starts, remove the pants and put them into the dryer.Add a plain clean sheet or towel to help evenly distribute the heat for the yoga pants.

Finally, set the dryer on the hottest setting and dry for a full cycle.

Repeat as needed to get the right size.


From hiking to casual daytime outfits, leggings are like a universal language in the capsule wardrobe world. Whether it is black or any other color leggings that go well with your outfits, it is recommended to use the right clothing cleaning for your favorite garments and pieces.

The more often you wear them, the more worn out they will be and lose their shape over time. Always remember to check the contents of your leggings on the care label inside before applying any tips for how to shrink leggings. As a result, you will have leggings that last forever.

How do you shrink your leggings?

Share your secret tips with us!


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How To Shrink Leggings In 5 Minutes Without Sewing

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