How To Wash Faux Fur (Save Money At Home!)

Surely faux fur is one of the warmest outerwear pieces and a must have essential in cold weather! So faux fur care hacks and cleaning tips have become increasingly important. Especially if you want to be a part of Faux Fur Friday on December 1st! Here are the best faux fur cleaning hacks to wash faux fur and fluff up matted faux fur items at home!

In the 1900’s, faux fur started coming into the fashion industry and has expanded throughout the fashion world ever since. The fact is that faux fur is an ethical, cruelty-free and classic look that will never go out style. Therefore, we must learn some easy faux fur care hacks to maintain the look of our winter capsule wardrobe outfits!

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How To Wash Faux Fur With Easy Cleaning Tips

Easy Faux Fur Care and Cleaning Hacks

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Its important to learn how to wash faux fur and make it look like new again. Faux fur is a key component to our winter capsule wardrobe, and a must have basic essential item that every woman needs in her closet.

While there are tons of great options when it comes to cleaning and caring for winter clothes, there isn’t much better than a great piece of faux fur. Its animal cruelty free, ethical, stylish and still an affordable wardrobe staple that you don’t need to feel bad about wearing.

However, when you love something so much, you tend to wear it frequently like me. That means you will need easy faux fur care hacks to maintain and wash faux fur items at home. So, learning how to clean and care for faux fur at home needs to be top of your to do list this season so you can save money on dry-cleaning bills.


How To Clean Faux Fur Trim

Clean faux fur trim pieces in a washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water and a small amount of mild detergent. After you clean faux fur, you want to brush it out. Hang the trim piece to dry and then store the piece away from direct sunlight.


Make Faux Fur Look New

It’s all about brushing skills to make faux fur look new! Using the pet slicker brush, place the faux fur item on a tabletop or other firm surface and brush in every direction horizontally, vertically and diagonally, until no clumps are left. This method works in all any faux fur items and is the best easy faux fur care hacks!


Clean Hacks For Faux Fur Boots

Easy Faux Fur Care Hacks To Stay Stylish And Animal Cruelty-Free (Save Money!)

Clean and vacuum out any dirt stained part of the boots, spend some time cleaning before the next step. Spray upholstery cleaner on only parts that need to be cleaned. Don’t soak the boots down with foam.

You want to work small area, one part at a time. Leave the faux fur boots to air dry or blow dry them with a low heat at least 6 inches away. Use a fine brush to comb the entire boots until it fluffs up. These easy faux fur care hacks just saved you $15 each boot by not going to the cleaners!


How To Clean White Faux Fur Rug or Blanket

Easy Faux Fur Care Hacks To Stay Stylish And Animal Cruelty-Free (Save Money!)

A white faux fur rug or blanket is a luxurious must have item in your winter wonderland home decor. Dab up liquid stains on your rug or blanket immediately with a clean cloth. Rub the area with cornmeal until all the moisture is absorbed.

Brush out excess cornmeal with a stiff bristled brush. Hang dry for several hours. Sprinkle with white flour and massage deeply into the fibers. Let it sit overnight on the faux fur rug or blanket. Shake excess flour and hang the rug to dry.


Wash By Itself

Least favorite part about faux fur is that it can shed, and that means you want to keep it separate from your other garments when washing them. If you choose to clean in the washing machine, make sure you wash by itself.


Machine Wash Vs. Dryer

Machine Wash Vs. Dryer

source: @urban.blonde

It’s ok to use a machine washer but don’t use the dryer. Doesn’t mean you can just throw it inside, make sure to set your washing machine to delicate and wash with cold water and a mild detergent.

We used many different detergents but Dr. Bronner Liquid Soap has worked very well for us. It’s a milder detergent than most other brand names. It’s certified organic and uses natural ingredients. You can comfortably use on the body in a shower, as shampoo, to wash vegetable, and even wash your dog.

I put a few drops of vinegar in the washer with the liquid soap, it cleans well and also smells really great! After washing, don’t throw it in the dryer, it will destroy the faux fur. Instead, roll the faux fur in a thick towel to absorb the left over moisture. Reshape the garment and let air dry.


Consider Hand Washing

Consider Hand Washing

source: @mill_house_to_home

If you are little concerned about the washing machine, always hand wash your faux fur. Hand washing clothes prevents further damage to the material and also allows you to have better control of the cleaning process.

Use cold water (not, hot water please!) and a mild homemade nontoxic laundry detergent. Make sure to create suds before dunking your faux fur directly into detergent as well.


Sprinkle Cornmeal

Sprinkle cornmeal onto a fur jacket and then work it into the fur with a brush to absorb oil and dirt. Let it sit overnight. Next day, you want to brush it again and shake the jacket to remove the excess.


Spot Clean Stains

Sometimes, getting the lining of the faux fur wet can loosen the fur and damage your coat. You want to use a small amount of water and soap to try to spot clean any stains by blotting and rubbing with your fingers.


Air Dry

Never ever use your a hairdryer to dry faux fur items, or any other kind of heated drying appliances for that matter. Lie the fur flat on a clean surface so the weight of the water doesn’t destroy the shape and leave to air dry naturally.

Well…If you’re still unsure about these easy faux fur care hacks, you can always take it to a professional for help.


Fix Faux Fur That Is Matted

This double sided pet brush really worked for me to fix faux fur that is matted. The bristles are further away from each other than any other brush. Its double sided, so depending on the faux fur quality, you can use either side. Also, the end of the brush is not too pointed, it won’t damage the back side of the fabric while you are brushing it.


How To Fluff Up Matted Faux Fur

Fix Faux Fur That Is Matted

source: @jas.orlando

To fluff up faux fur that is matted, try spraying a bit of hair detangling product on the matted part. Then, use a pet brush to gently brush out the matted area.

After you finish this process, you can use a hair blow dryer on very low setting to help dry and smooth out the matted part. I tried different brushes for faux fur care, but many pet brushes have very close bristles and in this case it will not work.


Brush Your Faux Fur When Dry

Brush and fluff up the faux fur using a pet care brush that has wide spaced metal bristles. Be careful not to scratch or damage the backing fabric of the faux fur while brushing it.


Make Faux Fur Soft Again

Big No-No to use fabric softener to wash faux fur. Instead, the best way to make it smooth again after washing and brushing it gently, mix a teaspoon of hair conditioner with 2 cups of water and place it in a spray bottle. Spritz the fur in a small area, then continue to brush the faux fur gently.


How you can celebrate Faux Fur Friday is by getting your best outfit together or investing in a new one. Clean and care for your favorite faux fur items and show the world that faux fur is still in style! You can even have a themed party where everyone shows up wearing their favorite faux fur clothes, especially since you have learned how to wash faux fur with these easy faux fur cleaning hacks!

What’s your favorite ways to wash faux fur?

Do you have any easy faux fur cleaning hacks to share with us?


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Easy Faux Fur Care Hacks To Stay Stylish And Animal Cruelty-Free (Save Money!)

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    1. How did you wash it before?
      You may be able to fix your faux fur rug. Try gently hand washing the faux fur rug and then allowing it to soak in a mild conditioner solution. Rinse well and then air dry. You may be able to restore it and make it soft again.

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