DIY Knit Woven Mix Top (No Sew Refashion!)


This beginners no sew project gives you the opportunity to combine two different tops into one fashionable look. Use a knit cotton t-shirt and a woven cotton men’s button down shirt to make this DIY knit woven mix top.

diy knit woven mix top before and after

Have you ever combined two different fabrics into one stylish look? Take an opportunity to explore the possibilities of fabric mixing. 

no sew knit woven mix top photo 1

For this DIY knit woven mix top, the fabrics are both made of cotton. Even though the manufacturing process is different, the raw material remains the same. As a result, the two cotton fabrics respond similarly when washed and cared for.

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In this project, you will learn the basics of fabric mixing. From color choices to print patterns, we take a balanced approach in this simple no sew tutorial. 


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DIY Knit Woven Mix Top

DIY Knit Woven Mix Top

This knit woven mix top is perfect to wear on a casual Friday or also a vacation getaway. Furthermore, pair this upcycle top with skinny jeans and ballet flats for business casual look. The styling options are endless when it comes to this unique design.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Beginner


  • Long Sleeve T-shirt
  • Men’s Button-down Shirt
  • Fabric Glue


  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  1. Measure 5” up from the hemline of the button-down shirt and mark with chalk.
    diy knit woven mix top step 4
    Cut the side seams open and cut along the chalk mark to separate the pieces. 
    diy knit woven mix top step 3
  2. Turn the striped t-shirt over, and then measure 6” down from the neckband. Cut open the side seams, follow along the armhole and also across the new yoke line. 
    diy knit woven mix top step 7
  3. Back to the button-down shirt. Measure 16” up from the hemline and mark with chalk. Open the side seams and cut along the line.
    diy knit woven mix top step 9
  4. Next, measure the bottom opening and mark the half point. Lay the button-down shirt pieces together and match the front center of the t-shirt. Glue the placket first, and then glue the hemline to attach the woven fabric to the knit.
    diy knit woven mix top step 11
  5. Fold the back woven piece in half and mark the center with chalk. Open the fabric, measure 1” on both sides, and then mark with chalk. Fold both sides towards the center and glue to secure.
    diy knit woven mix top step 14
  6. Lay the back piece of the woven shirt onto the back of the knit t-shirt. Then, draw the armhole with a chalk mark by following the armhole and side seam of the t-shirt.
    diy knit woven mix top step 15
    Pro tip: Make sure to draw the new side seam for the front piece as well. Cut along the side seams and armhole.
    diy knit woven mix top step 16
  7. Fold the side seams inward and glue to attach the back side seams. Glue along the armhole of  the t-shirt by folding the back piece ¼” and attaching.
    diy knit woven mix top step 17
    Add glue along the yoke line and fold inwards to attach the woven piece to the knit fabric. 


The step by step photos show hot to make a diy knit woven mix top

For this t-shirt upcycle, I mixed a 100% cotton cropped knit tee with a 100% cotton woven men's button-down shirt.

Cotton was easy to work with in this design. In addition, when washed, the two fabrics respond similarly without one shrinking or discoloring more than the other.

diy knit woven mix top step 18

diy knit woven mix top step 19

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This diy knit woven mix top is THE BEST no sew refashion project. Upcycle old tees and men’s shirt in this mix top tutorial. Elegant and modern style office wardrobe to try for this season!

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