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DIY Off The Shoulder T-shirt

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Using simplified no sew techniques, this refashion tutorial shares how to make a DIY off the shoulder t-shirt. Turn an old tee into a new style by following along with these simple upcycle steps.

This project uses no sew reconstruction to transform a t-shirt into this DIY off the shoulder top. However, understanding the basics of how to cut off the shoulder t-shirt helps you to further understand this project.

Before and after of the diy off the shoulder t-shirt

When it comes to the best t-shirt upcycle ideas, there are many exciting inspirations to choose from. From sewing for beginners to no sew hacks, there are many funs ways to cut a shirt.

How do you recycle old t-shirts into new clothes? Find your favorite upcycle clothing and push your creative boundaries.

Recycle Old T shirts Into New Clothes (No Sew!)

There is nothing like wearing personalized and unique outfits. No sew t-shirt refashion is a fantastic place to begin the journey of recycling old clothes into new looks.

Turn old clothing into exciting new styles that you look forward to wearing. In the end, there is nothing like wearing upcycled clothing and being able to say, “Yes, I made that!”

Close up front view of the diy off the shoulder t-shirt

This DIY off the shoulder t-shirt has an elastic band that helps the garment snug nicely on your shoulders. Are you ready for the challenge? Grab an old tee and lets get started! 

Side view of the diy off the shoulder t-shirt
Yield: 1 Off The Should Top

DIY Off The Shoulder T-shirt

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $5.00

Here is a cute DIY off the shoulder t-shirt that is made from an old tee. It’s a perfect summer piece to wear with denim shorts or jeans to create an adorable outfit on a casual day. 

The elastic band hugs gently around your shoulders to great a secure fit. Wear as a off the shoulder top or even as a one shoulder top.



  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  1. To make a cropped shirt, measure 16” up from the bottom of the hem and mark a dotted line across the shirt.
    Measure up from the bottom hemline of the top.
    Follow the stripe pattern and cut along the line.
    Draw a straight line with fabric chalk across from the marked point and then cut along the line.
  2. Next, cut off both sleeves, and also cut open both side seams and shoulder seams. As a result, you have much more fabric to work with.
    Cut the shoulder seam and side seam to detach the front piece from the back piece.
  3. Fold the panel in half with the inside facing out. Match the stripes so you have an even look.
    Cut a new sleeve from the front piece.
  4. From the folded line, measure 9” x 9"and draw a square and cut along the chalk mark.
    Helpful hint: Use a measuring tape and follow along the stripe pattern.
    Cut another sleeve from the back piece.
  5. Do the same with the other piece  of fabric. So now, you have two pieces 18” x 9” rectangles for each sleeve.
    two sleeve side by side.
  6. Next, keep the hem finish of the original shirt as your new shirt hemline. Using the tape measure, start 1” away from the side seam and mark with the chalk. Then, measure 3” down and mark with chalk. Draw a smooth curve line and cut along the chalk mark. This is your new under armhole for the sleeve. Do the same for the other side.
    Cut a small piece from the body to accurately fit the new sleeve to the top bodice.
  7. Grab the sleeve pieces and measure 1” away and 3” down from the raw edges, mark with chalk. Draw a smooth curved line and cut along the mark.
    Cut a piece matching the arm opening.
  8. Make sure the sleeves are folded with the wrong sides facing together. Now, join the side seam of the sleeve with the curve line using fabric glue. Let it dry completely for about 2 minutes and then turn the sleeve right side out.
    attach the new sleeve to the top bodice using fabric glue.
  9. To join the body and sleeve, lay the body and sleeve armhole flat so it creates a “U” shape. Match the lines of both pieces to glue about ¼” width along the curve line. Again let it dry completely.
    Hem the neckline of the off shoulder t-shirt using fabric glue.
  10. To make a tunnel for the elastic band, you’ll need to fold the top part of the shoulder about 1 ¼" and glue about ¼” width. At the end, leave a 2” opening to insert the elastic band into the tunnel.
    Slowly work the elastic band through to the other side of the hemline.
  11. Slide the elastic into the opening and push the band so it goes around the tunnel. Overlap the elastic and glue the ends together.
    Feed the elastic band through the neck hemline. Attach the ends of the elastic with fabric glue.
  12. Finally, close the opening to finish the no sew refashion off shoulder top.
    The diy off should t-shirt hugs the shoulder gently with the elastic hemline.


I chose a pinstriped t-shirt dress that was 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Because when adding elastic inside, cotton makes the shirting more rigid and keeps the voluminous silhouette better than rayon spandex fabric.

Try to find a cotton spandex blended knit shirt dress for this project. It greatly improves the finished look of the garment.

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How to make a diy off the shoulder t-shirt without sewing.

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Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Can you sew it instead of using glue?


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Absolutely, it'll produce a longer lasting, more permanent result.

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