Tie Sleeve Shirt Upcycle (No Sew Project!)


Upcycled clothing doesn’t always have to involve sewing. Transform your favorite t-shirt with this easy no sew project. In this tutorial, learn how to make a tie sleeve shirt upcycle from an old tee.

Tie sleeve shirt upcycle before and after

I began this project with a cropped shirt with wide sleeves. The boxy silhouette really helped to create contrast with the tie sleeve detail.

no sew tie sleeve shirt photo 4Of course, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this tie sleeve shirt upcycle. Change up the grosgrain tape or the shirt color, and also vary the shirt length if you don’t want to wear a crop style.

No sew tie sleeve shirt photo 1

When it comes to refashion, there are many ways to push the boundaries. The design may even look super cute with the right striped t-shirt as well! Either way, have fun and enjoy the process.


Push your DIY fashion to the next level!

Do you recycle old clothes into new outfits to wear? Take the opportunity to upcycle clothing and transform your favorite pieces.

These simple no sew t-shirt refashion are a fantastic place to start. However, there truly are endless t-shirt upcycle ideas for you to explore! 

Whether you choose no sew or sewing for beginners, showcase your skills and recycle old clothes. The best part of wearing DIY fashion is that you get to say, “I made it myself!”

Tie Sleeve Shirt Upcycle

Tie Sleeve Shirt Upcycle

Learn how to make an tie sleeve shirt in this easy no sew refashion tutorial. The steps are simple to follow and the t-shirt looks darling. Add this cute top to you capsule wardrobe collection.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Beginner
Estimated Cost $2



  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors


  1. First, flip your t-shirt inside out and lay your sleeve flat along the shoulder seam.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 1
  2. Next, you will be cutting from the sleeve end to shoulder seam.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 2
  3. Flatten out the sleeve that you just cut, and also grab the ⅘” black grosgrain tape.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 3
  4. Measure the black grosgrain tape and cut two separate 38” length pieces, one for each sleeve.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 3
  5. Glue along the sleeve about ⅛” from the edge. Then, fold the glue side over to wrap the black tape. Make sure the edge is completely glued and dried.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 4
  6. Glue and attach the tape to the other sleeve as well.
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 5
  7. Try on the tie sleeve shirt. Adjust the sleeve by tying a bow with the grosgrain tape. Make the sleeve tight to your arm to give a slight puff effect!
    tie sleeve shirt upcycle step 6


These step by step tutorial for sleeve tie t-shirt refashion is the best! I didn't know you don't need to sew and just cutting to reconstruct your old tees. So easy! #DIY #upcycle #refashion #nosew #tshirt #anthropologie #casual #backtoschool #tee #style #ootd #easy

For this no sew t-shirt upcycle, I chose a pastel pink crop t-shirt. It has large, wide sleeves that I think will work perfect for this style.

I recommend using a 100% cotton t-shirt because it will work really well for this no sew t-shirt reconstruction. The material has a soft feel and holds secure with the fabric glue.

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