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How to Thread a Sewing Machine Needle Easily

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Are you spending hour after hour trying to thread a sewing machine needle? Whether you have Singer or Brother sewing machine, if you are looking to thread a sewing machine quickly and stress-free then you are in the right place. 

How do you easily thread a sewing machine needle? Threading a sewing machine needle can be hard, often because the needle’s eye is small or sometimes it can be because the cotton thread is just too thick that you can’t get it into the eye. Maybe you just need a brighter light in the room or even a needle threader to guide you. 

Most of the new computerized sewing machines come with a builtin needle threader. If you have one, it is a good idea to get used to it as soon as possible. 

However, if your machine doesn’t have needle threader, simply cut the thread at an angle with a pair of sharp sewing scissors. By doing so, you will blunt the cotton off at an angle allowing you to work with it more easily.

Before you get started, always raise the presser foot and make sure that the machine is unplugged. This article covers sewing machine tips and hacks for threading a sewing machine needle easy in order to save you time and prevent unnecessary frustrations.

Why is it so hard to thread your sewing machine?

When you thread a sewing machine, it is not usually so hard if you follow the step by step guide provided by the manufacturer. 

Make sure to choose the right needle before proceeding. Threading the needle is hard because the cotton is limp, and you may need to stiffen it a bit. 

Lick the thread, and push it down over the needle. Keep pushing it down until the thread is pushed into the needle’s eye. 

It may be helpful to put a white paper behind the needle so you can see it more easily. Half the battle is the depth perception of the thread locating the needle eye.

The other main reason that it is difficult to see the eye is that the light may not be bright enough, install a really bright light in your sewing area, to enable you to find the eye clearly. 

Sewing can be quite exacting, so the brighter the light the easier it is to work at all hours of the day.

bobbin wound with red thread

Do you thread a sewing machine needle front to back?

It can be confusing to determine which way is correct way to thread the needle. The correct way to thread a sewing machine needle is from front to back.

Whether you are sewing woven or knit, select the right blend of thread that works best for the fabric you are sewing in the project.

Keep a hold of the thread, out to the left of the machine. Turn the hand-wheel toward you, taking the needle down and back up again. 

If you thread it the other way, it does not seem to work properly. After threading the eye of the needle from front to back, pull the end so you have several inches of thread through the needle. 

Expert Advice: Avoid twisting the thread as you pass it through the eye of the needle. This will cause twists in the thread that may have an impact on the how the first few stitches lay.

Threading Sewing Machine Needle with a Threader

Some sewing machines, like this computerized sewing machine that I absolutely love, come with an automatic needle threader. However, if your machine doesn’t come with it, there are at least 10 needle threader tools to choose from. 

One of the most popular and budget friendly tools for beginner is the Dritz needle inserter and threader. It is a simple blue and white plastic gadget that works well with every sewing machine. 

Here are the steps how to use a Dritz needle inserter tool:

  • Pull the thread through the V-shaped point on the threader.
  • Place the threader on the sewing machine needle above the eye and slide it down while pressing the blue plunge part.
  • Once you hit the eye of the needle, the thin metal piece will poke the thread through the eye of the needle.
  • Release the plunger and gently remove the needle threader.
  • Use the small hook on the top of the white part to pull the loop of thread through the eye of the needle. 

Use a needle threader to save lots of time as it is the easiest way to manually thread any needle. There are different tools and techniques to thread the needle, but for a beginner this Dritz needle threader is the best tool to get any sewing project started. 

Using a Needle Threader with a Small Eye

Working on delicate fabrication requires small size sewing needles to prevent holes and damage on the surface of the material. As a result, you end up using needle with a tiny eye and thin thread.

Best way to thread a needle with a small eye is using the silver wire loop tool to thread a sewing machine needle. It is a little wire gadget that assists in threading your needle. 

Here are the step by step instructions how to thread your sewing machine needle with a wire threader:

  • Hold the round base of the thread in one hand and insert the wire loop into the eye of the needle from back to front.
  • Hold the thread in your other hand and insert the end through the exposed loop of wire.
  • Pull a few inches of thread through and make a loop with your thread by folding the end of the thread back.
  • Gently pull the wire loop out from the eye of the needle.
  • Remove the needle threader and smooth out any twists in the thread. 

If you find it constantly difficult, change a needle to one with a slightly bigger eye, there are fine needles with a larger eyes.

Expert Advice: Always check the condition of the needle before starting the project. Don’t been sewing with a needle that is bent or dull before threading needle with a small eye.

How to Thread Sewing Machine Needle Hack

Threading a needle doesn’t always require a fancy gadget. There are a few different ways to thread a sewing machine other than using tools.

Here are 5 simple thread sewing machine needle hacks that you can easily accomplish with utensils you already have at home:

  • Use tweezers to grab the thread when it has gone through the eye of the sewing machine needle to give more control to thread.
  • Take out the needle from the sewing machine and use an old toothbrush. Place the thread on top of brush and lay the needle eye slightly push down to catch the thread to go through the eye. Use another needle to pull the thread through.
  • Fold the thread around the shaft of the needle. Slide thread off and pinch the fold. Stick the thread in the eye of the needle so the folded part is all the way through.
  • Cut a very thin length of the paper or card stock about 1½” long and ¼” wide. Fold the strip in half and place the end of the threader within this fold and slide the threader containing the thread.
  • Layer the thread across your palm and place the eye of the needle over the thread and gently rub back and forth steadily. When the loop of the thread forms through the eye of the needle, pull it through.

There are various ways of threading a needle, including methods without using special tools. Whether you are using a delicate thread or heavy duty needle, these needle threading hacks will work well overall.

How to thread a sewing machine needle easily

Threading a Sewing Machine Needle: Final Thoughts 

Getting the thread through the eye of a needle seems like a challenge. However, threading a needle for your sewing machine shouldn’t take up your valuable time, and it shouldn’t be stressful too. 

For the easiest method, a sewing needle threader can tackle the job in a jiffy. In addition, wire needle threaders work well too.

Nonetheless, fancy gadgets aren’t the only way to thread a sewing machine needle. Tweezers, an old toothbrush or card stock can also be used to thread a needle as a nifty DIY hack.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to make threading a sewing machine needle a breeze. The more practice you get, the better you become, and you will also become better prepare for any sewing project.

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