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How to Tailor Jeans Length – Best Way

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Do you have a brand new pair of jeans that are too long? Tailoring jeans length to fit you perfectly looks complicated and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Start by properly taking body measurement to alter the length, but sewing denim can be challenging. Let’s cover the steps in detail to give you the confidence to adjust the length of your jeans with ease.

How do you tailor jeans length? A pair of jeans can be tailored in many different ways to fix the length issue. Cutting, sewing by hand, using a sewing machine, or even shrinking jeans, there are various ways to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

The easiest way to tailor jeans length is by knowing the right length for the inseam. Mark, cut then sew a new hem on the cutline to successfully tailor the length of your jeans.

Getting jeans that fit you well around waist and length is crucial. However, there are things you can do to tailor a perfect pair of jeans to leave it having an original look. 

In this article, we will discuss the without cutting method and sewing method to alter the length of jeans. Answered below are frequently asked questions about altering the length of jeans, along with tips for the best way professionals tailor jeans length to nail the perfect fit. 

What Length Jeans Do I Need

Wearing long jeans will show our shortness instead of making us look tall and lean. Getting rid of excess material around the ankles is key. 

To acquire the correct length, keep in mind that there are proper length jeans that work for everyone.

For standard full length jeans, the pants need to be long enough to touch the top of your feet with a little extra fabric when worn. However, short enough that the hems are not dragging on the ground to create fray and damage around the heel.

Depending on the style of jeans and your height, the length may vary. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind: 

  • Skinny Jeans: The length need to hit at the ankle and uses a shorter inseam.  The inseam will typically range from 25” to 28” long. 
  • Straight Jeans: This classic pair of straight jeans breaks right at your ankle, so the recommended inseam length needs to be between 28” to 34” long. 
  • Capri Jeans: Capri jeans usually lands 3 to 4 inches above your ankle bone. The desired length of inseam ranges between 21” to 26” long.
  • Boyfriend Jeans: These jeans are relaxed fit with a cuffed ankle and shorter inseam compared to straight jeans. The inseam ranges around 23” to 29” long. 
  • Bootcut & Flare Jeans: Bootcut and flare jeans have distinguishing leg opening that requires a bit extra length to hide your  ankle. Most of the time you pair with heels and the hem falls to the floor. The perfect inseam length for this type of jeans ranges from 28” to 34” long.

How Can I Alter the Length of My Jeans Without Cutting Them?

Cutting jeans may give you anxiety that you may never return them back to their original shape. If this is your concern, there is way to alter the length of jeans without cutting them completely.

Make sure to wash and dry before working to get the correct size. Then, put on the jeans and mark the length that you want to have with pins or safety pins.

Take off the jeans and flip the jeans inside out. Measure the distance between pin mark and original hem line, then divide in half. 

Remove all the pins and again turn jeans right side out and fold up the hem to the new marked length and pin. Ensure to measure and pin equal distance around the leg opening to create even length on both sides.

Set up your sewing machine and replace with heavy-duty or jeans sewing needle to start sewing a straight stitch close to the existing hem. If you plan on hand sewing to tailor jeans length, use backstitch to secure the new hem line. 

Lastly, fold the hem down and press the seam with a hot and steam iron. You may cut out the excess fabric or keep them in case you need to alter the length in near future. 

This is easiest way to alter jeans length without cutting them. Whether you have straight or Capri length jeans, use the inseam measurement and try them on to find your best looking length when using this method.

Tips to Tailor Jeans Length

Without going to the professional tailor to adjust the jeans length, it can take couple of steps to achieve it by yourself. Shortening a long pair of jeans is the quickest and easiest alteration you can make to denim pants at home, however not all jeans are same in style, silhouette, construction. 

To execute this task, here are essential tips to tailor jeans length properly.

Know The Type of Jeans That You Can Alter

Not all jeans that you can adjust easily. If a pair of jeans don’t fit you perfectly on the hips or crotch, it’s too tight, don’t purchase it. 

However, if the jeans have too much length at the leg, you can quickly fix them. Take them to the tailor to remove the excess material and add a new hemline.

Otherwise, following these tips to tailor the length of your jeans at home.

Adjust The Length Strategically

Avoid reducing the length by more than one and a half inches at the length; doing so can change of the knee placement. If the jeans have styling around knee, you will also need to adjust overall inseam from crotch to hem to maintain a smooth line.

You don’t want to modify the structure of the pants, just shorten the length slightly for a better fit overall.

Reduce Hemming Width

Shortening jeans with hemming is one of the most straightforward adjustments you can make. If the denim fabric is too heavy, consider cutting off the excess material before stitching the new hem.

It’s important to always put on shoes you will wear with the jeans to help the tailor mark the correct length. The length can differ when worn with heels or sneakers, so be aware and make a smart choice when finalizing the new adjustment.

Best Way to Tailor Jeans Length

From folding to cutting, there are various ways to tailor the length of jeans. Whether you are comfortable sewing denim or hand sewing, adjusting the length of pair of jeans is the easiest task that beginners can achieve.

Here are step by step instructions to tailor jeans length:

Determine Your Preferred Length

Adjust the jeans to make them fit you, with the help of an experienced tailor or with looking at mirror and tape measure

To determine the size you want, wear your jeans, then pin the inside and outside seams on both legs. Turn the jeans inside out and mark the length you want.

Mark and Cut

Lay the jeans on a flat surface, the two pins should be parallel to the original lower edge. Using fabric chalk, put a mark between the pins and complete with a line both at the back and front pieces. 

Cut along this chalk marked line, then remove the pins and cut along the line to get rid of the lower part of the jeans legs.

Set Aside the Old Hem to Be Reused

Remove the old hem, then reattach it back on your jeans after shortening the jeans length. 

There is a dark line immediately to the original hem; using chalk, make a line half an inch above it. The dark line will help in covering the seam when you join the old hem to the jeans. 

Next, pull out the old stitching of the hem to prepare it for reattachment.

Reattaching The Hem

Having shortened the jeans leg, prepare the hem to sew back together. 

Ensure the right sides are matching the outseam and inseam. Pin all the pieces into place and sew using the right thread. 

Iron the jeans and press the seam to lock the stitches in place. To hide the cut edges beneath the hem, press both layers of materials down.

Sewing The Hem in Place

Trim the excess length and avoid sewing it too close to the stitching line. Ensure to fold the hem and tuck the cut edges of the seam inside it in a way they don’t appear if you look at the inside of the leg of your jeans.

Now topstitch along all the layers to secure the hem in place. Again, be keen to follow the original sewing line with your stitching line.

How to tailor jeans length

Altering Jeans Length: Final Thoughts

Owning a pair of perfect fitted denim jeans is a total game changer. From boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans, sometimes the length does not come out always right every time. 

Tailoring jeans length is the easiest alteration that any sewer can do at home without professional help. 

Depending on the style and silhouette of denim jeans, the inseam length may vary. Also, the height and body measurement can change the perspective. 

As a result, the best way to tailor jeans length is to try them on to find the desired length.

Pin the new hemline and take it off to mark the hem with chalk around the leg, and along the hemline. Add half an inch of seam allowance and cut the excess fabric.

Ensure the hem end is along the hemline on the right side of your jeans. Align the bottom with the material bottom edge. Stitch from the side seam along the top edge, and also stitch the bottom edge the same way.

Turning the stitched edge to the wrong side of your jeans, topstitch the lower edge holding the tape hem in position. Press with iron to shape the new hemline and viola!

There you have it, the easiest way to tailor the length of your jeans in just a few minutes. Alter the jeans length at home without help from a professional by following the simple sewing methods with or without cutting.

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