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T-Shirt To Mini Skirt (5 DIY Mini Skirt Upcycle Projects!)

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Looking for t-shirt upcycle ideas to make something other than  a top? T-shirt to mini skirt is just another sewing project that you need to try. 

From side ruche to tassel trim wrap, tiered ruffles, side slit and high waisted circle mini skirts, you’ll find endless designs to accomplish. Find joy in learning how to turn a t-shirt into a mini skirt with guidance from these step-by-step tutorials and easy sewing tips.

Sift through the pile of unworn t-shirts in the back of the closet. Gather together all of the old tees that you never got a chance to donate, it’s time to recycle old t-shirts into new clothes so that you can breath new life into outdated garments.

My goal is to help you discover what to do with old t-shirts and convert old clothes into brand new trendy clothes. T-shirt upcycle is cheap, easy and allows you to practice beginner sewing skills. 

Start to build a cornerstone of DIY fashion projects that enhance your wardrobe collection. Building a wardrobe full of upcycled clothing is challenging, exciting and also rewarding.

t-shirt before transforming into a mini skirt

You will love each t-shirt to mini skirt upcycle project because…

  • Master the basic zigzag stitch on knit fabric.
  • Every mini skirt requires no sewing pattern. 
  • Learn to take accurate body measurements.
  • Great beginner sewing project to build sewing confidence.
  • Improve your DIY wardrobe by adding an essential bottom piece.
  • Learn the zero-waste method of transforming a t-shirt into brand new clothes.

Take time and follow the video instructions and sewing techniques for each style in order to turn a tee into a skirt. Follow steps provided with the video tutorials to help you complete the beginner sewing projects.

How do you make a t-shirt into a skirt?

T Shirt To Mini Skirt (5 DIY Mini Skirt Upcycle Projects!)

Turning an oversized t-shirt into a cute mini skirt is not as difficult as it looks. Prepare the garment by washing, drying and ironing to make sure you remove creases and uneven parts that will distort the cutlines and seams.

The Fashion Wanderer website has tons of sewing projects for you to pick and choose from.

Before you jump in and follow any tutorial, I recommend to converting all the measurements into yours. Learn how to take body measurement for clothing so that you have perfectly fitted clothes when you complete each project. 

This refashion tee into skirt is simple and straight forward. However, a basic sewing kit is required and an elastic band was used to snug the waistband to the waistline.

DIY Mini Skirt From T-Shirt Materials:

DIY mini skirt from t-shirt materials
  • Oversized T-Shirt
  • ¾” Elastic Band
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins

DIY Easy To Make Mini Skirt From T-Shirt Sewing Tips:

Prepare your old t-shirt by washing and air drying them to start this fun sewing project. Review the measurements and estimate whether or not the tee gives you enough material to work with. Because the skirt designs have slight variations, change it up based on your preference. 

Begin by determining the mini skirt length that you are super comfortable wearing. I stick with 15” long from my true waistline, which is the narrowest part of my body. Setting the skirt length you want will give you a clear idea of the finished results.

From this point, easily input the sewing tips to complete your own mini skirt from a t-shirt. The tips and tricks are meant to be used for knit fabrics. 

However, there may be slight differences based on how heavy or lightweight the knit material. Therefore, always test a few stitches on a piece of fabric scraps so that you feel comfortable with the results!

  • Needle: When dealing with knit material, I recommend switching from a universal needle into a stretch or ballpoint needle. If you keep the same needle that is used for woven, then you will see holes created on the surface of the material for each stitch.
  • Thread: Try to match your t-shirt content to a similar thread content. In general, t-shirts are mostly made with cotton or polyester blend, so stick with a thread that is made with a polyester blend.
  • Stitch: You will get the hang of working with zigzag stitching while doing these skirt from t-shirt projects. Make adjustments to the zigzag stitch so you can test and experiment along the way. Try different length and width of stitches on your mini skirts. Try a #3 zigzag stitch to close the side seams and attach the waistband.
  • Foot: If you are unfamiliar with sewing knit fabric, best practices include using a guide or walking foot. The specialized foot helps to avoid puckering or stretching out the seams. 
  • Tension: It’s important to check the sewing machine tension when you are sewing any new garments. Ultimately, the tension really depends on the weight of the knit t-shirt. Stay around 4-5 tension for light to medium weight and tension 4 for heavier cotton t-shirt. 

More tee shirt upcycle project for your next DIY fashion:

How To Turn A Large T-Shirt Into A Mini Skirt

Transform a t-shirt into a mini skirt by using an elastic band to create a form fitting waistband. The upcycling method is slightly different than top, so follow the tutorials for step0by-step instructions. Take a deep look at the specific details for how I turn a boxy oversized tee into brand new stylish skirt to wear.

If you exploring ideas for what can you do with old t-shirt, you are in the right place! I’ve listed a variety of cute mini skirts for you to try. No longer throw away old t-shirts, instead try tp upcycle into new looks and wear them again!

How to make a mini skirt from a t-shirt

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Wednesday 27th of May 2020

great job! i have yet to upcycle t-shirts! but this is inspiring me to do so : ) xo eva


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Yay I love t-shirt upcycle projects, these mini skirts are just part of the many available options! Tees are affordable and the perfect material for beginners to work with! My website is full of many fun t-shirt refashions! Check them out and let me know what your favorites are? ;)