T-shirt To Dress (5 DIY T-shirt Dress Upcycle Projects)

As a former fashion designer, I understand that purchasing new fabric all the time can be expensive. As a result, I began to explore refashion projects that inspire others to have fun making new clothes. In this upcycle tutorial, learn how to turn a t-shirt to a dress.

We are going to upcycle 5 different t-shirts into dresses in this zero waste refashion. Make a short sleeve blouson dress, front twist dress, side shirring tulip dress, cold shoulder A-Line dress and also a ruffled racerback sleeveless dress

Many people also have a large collection of old clothes jammed in the back of the closet. As a result, I have been on a mission to develop fun upcycled clothing. The goal is for everyone to be able to find old clothing they can refashion into new outfits.

If you have a drawer full of t-shirts that they don’t wear anymore, then experiment with these fun ways to cut a shirt. Learn how to make your own DIY t-shirt dress. This tutorial takes you through the step-by-step instructions for how to transform a big shirt into a dress.

Included below are video instructions, materials and techniques necessary to turn a t-shirt into a dress. The guide features 5 DIY t-shirt dress upcycle projects. Follow along with the instructions provided and you will also be able to complete this beginner sewing project.


How do you make a Tshirt into a dress? 

With a few simple steps and techniques, turning a t-shirt into a dress is not very challenging. This guide also shows you how to make a simple dress without a pattern.

Start by deciding whether you want a fitted dress or an A-line silhouette. Then, resize the top bodice, waistline and lower skirt. Determine sleeve structure, reattach side seams, and finish the dress details.

The simple adjustments and alterations go a long way. Take a look at these exciting t-shirt upcycle ideas. As a result, you are able to turn a boxy oversized tee into and brand new stylish look for you to wear.

What can you do with old t-shirts? The steps below detail exactly how to turn a t-shirt into a dress. Otherwise, consider turning old t-shirts into new clothes by sewing, or even practicing simple no sew t-shirt refashion ideas. Either way, we have you covered when it comes to easy ways to upcycle clothes.

T-shirt To Dress

This refashion tutorial breaks down the steps required to turn a t-shirt into a dress. Follow along for step-by-step instructions of these beginners sewing projects.

Explore the dress designs in this project roundup. Each tutorial shows how to make a simple dress without a pattern. You will use your favorite fitted clothing to copy the measurements and complete the project.

The relative inexpensive cost is the best part about t-shirt upcycle. You have the opportunity to turn old clothes into something new and unique.

As a result, you get to develop a new skill and pursue a rewarding hobby. In the end, you get to wear personalized clothing that you have designed and produced.

It's extremely rewarding to wear something that you have custom made. So, step up to the challenge with me and let's get started turning a big t-shirt into a dress.

This DIY blouson dress silhouette is super sleek and sexy. It's really hard to imagine that this dress was originaly one big shirt.

The dress features a blouson top bodice and a skintight skirt bottom that gently hugs the waistline. As a result, the dress showcases the natural curves for every body type.

Incorporate a few accessories like a necklace and earrings to successfully upgrade a date night look . In addition, the dress will pair well with casual footwear for a more relaxed approach.

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I transformed a plain tee into this DIY twist front dress. The cut out detail is really chic, and also add textured detail to the dress.

In addition, the elastic waistband snugs nicely against the body and helps to accentuate the waistline for a sexy look.

This dress works well for a casula outings, and can also be dolled up for a classy look. From ankle boots to casual sneakers, this dress goes well with it all.

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Turn your oversized t-shirt into this DIY side shirring dress. The asymmetrical tulip silhouette skirt create a sexy feature that really shows off your legs.

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make a simple dress without a pattern. Follow along and learn how to upcycle an big t-shirt into this classic design.

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This DIY cold shoulder t-shirt dress is perfect if your looking for something simple to make. The A-line silhouette really flatters any body shape.

For this beginners sewing project, I recommend starting with an oversized t-shirt. The flowy dress bottom requires a bit more fabric, therefore a larger tee works best.

Pick your favorite color tee and let's get started making this simple dress for yourself!

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This DIY racerback t-shirt dress really excited me. The dress features ruffles that cover the top of the shoulders and lines the sleeveless armholes.

The dress silhouette is very flattering, and the ruffles provide a cute detail for the racerback.

Have fun wearing this dress as is, or even throw a classic denim jacket over your shoulders for a simple style.

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What is your favorite t-shirt to dress upcycle?

Share your DIY t-shirt dress with me at #MakeWithFashionWanderer



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