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Crop Top From T-Shirt (6 Easy Upcycle Projects!)

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Looking for new way to transform your old t-shirt into new clothes? In this tutorial, I’ll help you modify basic t-shirts into crop top styles that you can re-wear over and over again. 

These current trends are recognizable styles found in department stores and all over social media platforms like Instagram and Depop. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to upcycle t-shirts to make your own version of these fashionable and stylish tops.

From puff sleeve to one shoulder crop t-shirt, there are many fun and cool ways to modify sleeves or necklines to give uniqueness to the cropped length. Recycle old t-shirt into new clothes that are on trend with current styles

Upcycled clothing is challenging, exciting and rewarding all at the same time! Let’s not throw away worn clothes anymore, instead learn what to do with old t-shirts and give them new life starting today!

You will love these upcycle crop top from t-shirt because…

  • These tutorials feature beginner and intermediate sewing skills.
  • Help you to learn how to sew knits including shirring, elastic bands, neckband, sleeves and hemline.
  • Feel good about wearing clothes you make and gain confidence as you practice more sewing skills.
  • Only requires a basic sewing machine to get started with.
  • The best part is the helpful hints and sewing tips to successfully accomplish each project.

If you have plenty of high-waisted bottoms, then owning a couple crop tops is a brilliant idea. It’s not fun anymore to tuck-in the lengthy tunic tops!

Take your DIY outfit transformation to the next level by adding a matching mini skirt from t-shirt! Grab an old t-shirt and let’s get started with this t-shirt refashion!

Each crop top upcycled in these tutorials began with a seamless t-shirt, which means there are no side seams to work with. It can be good and bad when sewing. However, this won’t affect the finished look you are creating.

Before you get started, pay attention whether or not you have side seams on the t-shirt. Make sure to adjust and add extra seam allowance based on the specific measurements you are trying to achieve.

How To Crop A T-Shirt With Sewing?

Crop Top From T-Shirt (5 Easy Upcycle Projects!)

If you have lots of oversized t-shirts, altering into a crop t-shirt is so easy to do. Use the excess fabric to create a new neckline or easily adjust the sleeve volume. 

These easy upcycle projects doesn’t require expensive tools or purchasing any additional notions. However, it is extremely important to take body measurements for clothing so that you properly modify the existing garment.

All you need is t-shirt and home sewing machine to make the conversion happen! Test the stitching width and tension on your sewing machine so that you that you feel comfortable working with the material!

Don’t forget to prepare a basic sewing kit and review all the sewing tips I’ve prepared for you to prevent any puckering or unnecessary mistakes. Follow the video tutorials, step-by-step photos and detailed instructions to help you avoid getting lost in the projects.

DIY Crop Top Basic Sewing Tips

No matter if you make it extra cropped or a slightly longer length, it’s up to your personal styling. But you do need these basic sewing tips to DIY crop tops that are listed below. 

Study the stretch direction of the t-shirt to see if it is two-way or four-way stretch, this will make a huge impact on the sewing quality. I prepared these basic sewing tips for you to make it much easier to upcycle a crop top from a t-shirt!

  • Tension: For any light or medium weight knit material, 4-5 tension range produces the best results. For any heavyweight t-shirt, use 4 tension setting.
  • Stitch Length: Longer stitch length causes less warp when sewing knit fabrics. For straight stitches, set to 4 stitch length. For any zigzag stitch, use 1.5-2 stitch length so the seam doesn’t pucker out when pulled.
  • Stitch Width: The stitch width is important based on how deep or narrow the zigzag stitch is. Every machines is slightly different, but apply 4-5 for deeper and wider stitches, and 1-2 for narrow stitches.
  • Walking Foot: If you have a very stretchy t-shirt such as lycra material, use a walking foot to evenly feed the layers of fabric while sewing to prevent the fabric from being stretched out.
  • Needle: Choose the right needle for the specific type of knit project. It will help you prevent sewing frustration and skipped stitches that result in damaged fabric. For the best results, use ball point needles. They have a smooth and rounded tip that glides easily through the knit fibers.

More upcycle projects for your next DIY fashion:

How To Upcycle T-Shirt Into Crop Top

Learn how to upcycle t-shirt into a crop top. Here are trendy styles that are actually not as difficult as it looks. 

Every top is designed for you to master a new sewing skill. From sewing a neckband to inserting elastic around sleeve, all that basics are covered. 

These simple refashion tricks create brand new fashionable tops that you will be excited to wear. Be part of the zero waste wardrobe and create your own everyday clothing with me!

Crop top from t-shirt. Easy upcycle projects

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