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How To Transform A Tank Top (5 Easy Upcycle Projects!)

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Do you have multiple layering tank tops that you don’t wear anymore? Great! In this upcycle tutorial, I’ll teach you how to transform a tank top in 5 different styles that are inspired by current runway model, up-to-date department stores looks, and also on trend styles seen on social media.

From the Reformation inspired high neck to the sleek mock neck silhouette, there are so many fun ways to refashion your old tank top. Slight neckline modifications and adding classic notions helps to easily modify the entire look. 

You don’t always have to purchase trendy clothing. Follow the tutorials for easy upcycled clothing projects that you can transform old clothes into stylish new pieces..

By doing these simple adjustments, you don’t need to throw old tank tops away anymore. Instead, you can refashion the tank top to give a new life so that you can wear them as a brand new top!

You will love these upcycle tank tops because…

  • Learn basic knit sewing skills and techniques.
  • Master sewing straight and curved lines along the armhole and neckline.
  • Tank top upcycle are zero waste projects that you will feel so proud to wear afterwards.
  • Perfect beginner sewing projects to learn how to sew knits.
  • All you need is sewing machine and your old tank top to transform into a brand new on trend style.

Sewing knit garments is actually not that hard. Whether it is rayon spandex or ribbed tank top, you just need the right tools and tips to get started with. 

All of the tank tops in this upcycle tutorial are ribbed knit fabrication. I find it very easy to control when it comes to sewing on a machine. 

In addition, the ribbed fabric doesn’t fray when cut. You can see on the DIY ruffle crop tank top that I left the raw edges on the mini ruffles. 

After multiple hand wash, they still didn’t fray! So, if you happened to have old ribbed tank tops, there is no need to finish the seams because the raw edges give a nice touch to the style!

How do you change a tank top?

How To Transform A Tank Top (5 Easy Upcycle Projects!)

No need to get rid of old tank tops when you can transform them into trendy tops to wear this weekend, for work or even while on vacation. In fact, they will become your new go-to pieces for your everyday wardrobe.

All you need is your old tanks and time to make it happen! Before you start to upcycle an old tank top, make sure to have the matching color thread.

No matter how excited you are, if you are not prepared the project is not going to be fun at all! Take body measurements for clothing so that your diy fits you the right way.

Gather together your basic sewing kit and read through the helpful sewing tips to prevent any unnecessary mistakes. These upcycle tank top tutorials come with step-by-step pictures and video guides to help you make your very own DIY tank tops.

DIY Tank Top Basic Sewing Tips

It may look intimidating to sew knits compared to woven fabric. Because knits tend to stretch in all directions and the right tension and stitch length is required to prevent a disaster. 

Review these helpful sewing tips for knits to successfully accomplish your tank top upcycle!

  • Needle: Stretchy knit fabric should be sewn with a ballpoint needle. It has rounded tip which pushes the thread away when sewing. This basic tool prevent damaging the knit fabric.
  • Stitches: In general, there are 4 stitches commonly used when sewing knits: narrow zigzag, overlock stitch, straight stitch, and twin-needle stitch. Practice on a scrap piece of fabric to improve the stitch technique for making your tank top.
  • Pressure Foot: To help you sew without damaging the fabric, a dual feed foot or walking foot will benefit you to make straight lines that do not stretch or pucker. 
  • Thread: When sewing knit, quality polyester thread is recommended because it has a slight amount of stretch. Avoid cotton threads because they can easily break as the garment stretches when being worn.

More upcycle projects for your next DIY fashion:

Easy Tank Top Upcycle

It is actually very easy to upcycle your old tank top with a completely zero waste method. Start with these beginner upcycle projects to learn basic knit sewing techniques to transform your tank top into more trendy and up-to-date wardrobe essentials. 

best tank top upcycle projects

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