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No Sew Yoga Tops From Old T-Shirt (5 DIY Upcycle Projects!)

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Searching for new workout tops to add to DIY wardrobe? Here are no sew yoga tops that will take less than 20 minutes to achieve. 

There are tons of creative t-shirt upcycle ideas to make trendy and stylish gym shirts without sewing. From halter top to crossover back and twist tank tops, the step-by-step tutorials cover all the details you need to know.

Sewing can be intimidating to get started,  and also takes a longer time to accomplish, so I’ve put together tons of easy no sew t-shirt refashion ideas for you to try. If you have graphic, striped, or over worn concert t-shirts, use the cool t-shirt cutting ideas to turn them into brand new clothes.

You may find it hard to know what to do with old t-shirts without sewing. However, in this website you’ll discover easy step-by-step instructions that will help you transform old clothes into brand new clothes. 

You will love these no sew yoga tops from old t-shirts because…

  • No sewing required.
  • Learn the proper way to apply fabric glue onto a t-shirt.
  • Perfect beginner level upcycle project to make clothes without sewing.
  • Understand different t-shirt cutting techniques to modify the neckline and create a new armhole style.
  • Practice using measuring tape along the curved seams 
  • Draw new cut lines using fabric chalk as a guide.

This website is filled with projects that teach you how to upcycle clothes without sewing. If you are looking for fun inspirations, cute diy clothing and trendy styles, then you are in the right place!

Each DIY yoga top tutorial comes with detailed measurements and video instructions so you won’t feel lost. Take time to review each upcycled clothing design so that you are able to successfully alter your old t-shirt.

How do you make yoga tops from old t-shirt?

No Sew Yoga Tops From Old T Shirt (5 DIY Upcycle Projects!)

In order to make stylish yoga tops from old t-shirts, evaluate the type of material and silhouette of the tees you are using. Some projects suggest oversized t-shirt, while others require fitted or skin-tight shirt to get the best results. 

Start by preparing the old tee. Wash, dry and iron the shirt so that you can have accurate measurements and cut straight lines.

Understanding your sizing is equally important to completing DIY clothing. In order to be successful, learn how to take body measurement for clothing. 

To get started with these no sew yoga tops, accurately measure your neckline, armhole and torso length. As you progress and begin to explore new upcycle projects, always convert the measurement so the garment fits you properly.

Next, grab the essential tools from your sewing kit to get this no sew project started! 

No Sew Yoga Tops From T-Shirts Materials:

  • Old T-Shirts
  • Elastic Band
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Fabric Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

No Sew DIY Yoga Tops From T-Shirts Upcycle Tips:

Upcycling old t-shirts into wearable and stylish yoga tops without sewing is a super fun to do. All you need is the step-by-step instructions for each refashion design, and accurate measurements so that you can easily follow along. 

Determine your comfort level for the new neckline, shoulder and armhole drop measurements. For each no sew yoga top transformation, start by modifying the original neckline and armhole to make the tee into a sleeveless tank top.

I recommend to follow the general specs for each tutorial. However, you can also modify the top, drop the armhole lower or make the shoulder as wide as you wish.

From this point, comfortably continue with the t-shirt cutting techniques and use fabric glue to complete each no sew t-shirt reconstruction. I’ve put together upcycling tips and no sew hacks for you to review before getting started.

  • Cutting Tools: To be successful making any no sew clothing, you need proper cutting tools. For cutting along the armhole and curve lines, I recommend sharp fabric scissors. For straight lines or cropped hemlines, use a rotary cutter with a cutting mat underneath. Have your tools handy and ready for action. 
  • Fabric Chalk: To mark any lines and measurements, you need fabric chalk. Marks can easily be removed by damp water and a gentle wiping. Have white and black fabric chalk handy so that you are able to switch around for dark or light colored tops. 
  • Measuring Tape: A flexible measuring tape is a must-have tool when measuring a curved neckline and armhole. Get comfortable using this measurement tool instead of straight rulers all the time. 
  • Fabric Glue: Always test on a scraps to find the best fabric glue for clothes. I find it works best when applied small amount on the seam to join the two pieces together so it can dry quickly and the fabric won’t become too thick. For the best results, avoid applying double the adhesive on top of each other, so do not move the liquid stitch once the fabric is attached. 
  • Trims: ¾” width elastic was used on the strap tank top design. Fabric glue works well when attaching fabric and trims together. Feel free to add lace, buttons and elastic trims to upgrade your no sew t-shirt. 

How To Turn Oversized T-Shirt Into Workout Tank Top

If you don’t know how to turn an oversized t-shirt into workout tank top, you’re in the perfect place! Here are workout and yoga friendly tops you can make without sewing. So, transform old clothes into new clothes, give them a second chance to wear again with a quick upcycle!

Working with oversized t-shirt is so easy to achieve various styles and redesigns. However, every design is not created equal in the no sew yoga top tutorials. 

I’ve laid out sizing recommendations from oversized to fitted tees and demonstrate how to convert the silhouette and what to do with the old tees. So, take a moment to review each styles and choose a design based on your preference.

no sew yoga tops from old t-shirts

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