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What To Do With Old T-Shirts Without Sewing

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Are there easy no sew projects to do with old t-shirts? If you have been busy tossing around t-shirt upcycle ideas, you are in the right place! 

From DIY clothing to cool craft ideas for old t-shirts, a plain tee is a magical piece for the upcycling world. Let’s work together to create something brand new from your old t-shirts without sewing.

T-shirts are easily thrown away after collecting dust in the back of the closet. Keep your creative juices flowing with inspiration from these no sew t-shirt refashion ideas, explore the collection of stylish and trending designs. 

The no sew projects include styles from workout tank tops to off shoulder cropped tops. Upcycle clothes without sewing for quick alterations and no sew reconstructions that any DIY enthusiast will love to try. 

Start with t-shirt upcycle projects to increase your skills and further your ability, eventually you will completely fill your wardrobe with upcycled clothing. From blouses to handmade bags, your options are endless!

How To Use Old T-Shirt

In order to turn an old t-shirt into something new, you’ll first need to evaluate what type of t-shirt you’re considering to take apart. Next, browse through the no sew projects and select which project you want to give a try. 

Each tutorial includes step-by-step photos, detailed instructions and an instructional video to help you out. Whether the project is a no sew t-shirt alterations that takes less than 5 minutes or cool t-shirt cutting ideas without sewing, I always prepare the shirts by washing, drying, and ironing before getting started with the deconstruction.

Afterwards, evaluate whether or not you have enough material to work with. Briefly review the measurement in the tutorial and evaluate your body measurement to adjust the sizing as needed. 

Create fitted garments by learning how to take body measurement for clothes so that you avoid any fit issues later on in the process. Take the time to estimate the sizing so you have a clear idea what to expect.

Pull out a few basic items from your sewing kit, grab your old t-shirt and lets start to have some fun!

DIY No Sew Old T-Shirt Materials: 

  • Old T-Shirt
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors

Recycle Old T-Shirts Into New Clothing

No matter whether your old tee is oversized or skin-tight, find satisfaction when when you recycle old t-shirts into new clothes without sewing. Use cutting techniques or quick fabric glue alterations, it’s easy to upgrade existing clothes into trendy and stylish garments you will wear over and over again. 

Make it ritual to pre-hand wash all thrifted items or old clothes before upcycling. Now, it has been my regular routine to protect textures and learn about garment by reading care label in order to give the proper care.

In each upcycle tutorial, I’m sharing my tips and techniques to complete the t-shirt transformation. Here are a few suggestions for how to recycle old t-shirts into new clothes:

  • Practice cool cutting ideas to create new neckline, hemline, or sleeve length.
  • Add notions and trims to give functional and non-functional feature to a garment such as adding lace along the peplum to lengthen the shirt or a buckle to make crop length top with a tie detail.
  • Utilize fabric glue to join new seams around shoulder or side seams.
  • Play around with mixed media by blending woven or adding elastic straps to make a flexible workout yoga tank top. 
  • Execute sharp cut line to prevent from fraying the raw edges. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to repurposing old t-shirt into new clothes without sewing. Give it a try and create your own old t-shirt upgrades.

DIY No Sew Old T-Shirt Tips:

When figuring out what to do with old t-shirts, you have some no sew options to consider. DIY clothing gives you instant gratification, especially when the design turns out to be super cute! 

There are many methods to convert t-shirts, however I’ve put together a complete list of no sew tips to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Read through these no sew hacks before you plan the next upcycle project.

  • Fabric Chalk: When styling any new design, I recommend to using fabric chalk to draw the cutlines. Simply erase these markers with just a damp cloth when the project is finished, which makes it a better alternate instead of using pencil or pen. If you don’t have a fabric chalk, use a bar of white soap to draw with. 
  • Scissors: If you ever experience rigged cut lines and are having trouble getting a straight cutline, it’s time to sharpen your fabric scissors. It’s crucial to get clean and sharp cutlines because a t-shirt won’t fray on the smooth raw edges.  Quick ways to sharpen dull fabric scissors is by cutting several times through a piece of folded aluminum foil. Make sure that both blades make contact with the foil. Test the sharpened scissors on scraps of t-shirt fabric before you continue moving along.
  • Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat: A rotary cutter and cutting mat are very useful when you are making straight cuts. Always use a cutting mat to protect the table surface and also prevent the rotary cutter blade from becoming dull. 
  • Fabric Glue: Fabric glue is the perfect alternative to attach seams when you upcycle a t-shirt without sewing. When considering your options, choose the best fabric glue for clothes that is designed for the specific materials you are working with. In general, fabric glues work on cotton/polyester blend t-shirt, however check the care label and test on scraps to see if the glue bleeds or doesn’t work properly. 
  • Iron-On Tape: Iron-on tape or fusible bonding tape is no sew alterations for a hem. Furthermore, we will use it to bond fabrics together in the no sew t-shirt projects. 

How To Transform Old T-shirts Into New Clothes Without Sewing

Searching for what to do with t-shirt without sewing? These no sew refashion ideas will take your no sew t-shirt upcycle to the next level!

Start by learning cool cutting techniques so that you don’t completely ruin your favorite shirt. Modify the design to change it up necklines, armhole and cropped length.

Step up to the challenge with me by exploring the easy and fun ways to cut a shirt!

Transform old t-shirts without sewing

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