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How To Use Samsung Washing Machine

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Do you own a washing machine or are you shopping for a brand new one this year? We are going to cover all the exciting features and understand how to use Samsung washing machine properly. The goal is to wash and care for your capsule wardrobe essentials effectively so that they last a long time.

Out of all the brands in the washing machine category, Samsung has the most economical and energy-saving features for every household.

When it comes to finding out which washing machine is environmentally friendly, using less water is an important factor. Another feature to consider is energy efficiency. Finding the right Samsung washing machine for your needs will be easy to do with this simple guide.

steps to use samsung washing machine

How To Use Samsung Washing Machine

It’s important to know how to use Samsung washing machine properly. One of the key factors is understanding the right way to wash various different types of clothing fabrication.

With the best washing machine tips, do laundry at home more efficiently:

How much water does my Samsung washing machine use?

Every Samsung washing machine does not use the same amount of water for every load. The Samsung front loader washers use about 13 gallons of water per cycle, while the top loaders use between 18-23 gallons per cycle.

How does Samsung Ecobubble work?

Samsung Ecobubble or “PowerFoam” allows detergent mixing more easily into a powerful foam. As a result, it cleans up the fabrics much better by reducing the surface tension of water.

The Ecobubble technology washing machine is more economical to run. Compared to Bosch, it is much quieter and features 1400 spins. Clothes smell fresher than from any other washing machine.

The best part of this Samsung washing machine model is that it uses a small amount of water pushing through the laundry. This process requires much less water than other types that submerge clothing into a full basin.

How do I get my Samsung washer to only spin?

If you have any delicate clothing that require the Samsung washer to only spin, then easily adjust the setting.

There are 2 different ways to get your Samsung washer to only spin: electronic models with knobs or electronic models with the touchpad.

For electronic models with knobs, press “Start” or raise the lid while the washer is operating. Next, select the “Spin Only” or “Drain and Spin” cycle and then press “Start.”

For electronic models with touchpad, simply select the “Drain and Spin” option and then press “Start.”

Samsung Washing Machine Cycles Explained

Every washing machine brand has different cycles for each fabrication. And if you have been throwing all clothes into one washing cycle, you need to change your laundry methods.

In order to adjust a cycle on the Samsung washing machine, there are a couple of ways to wash your clothes properly. Separating by fabric types is important if you want to make your capsule wardrobe pieces last a long time.


To wash cotton in a Samsung washing machine, the max load is 9kg or 19lbs with a max temperature of 95 Celsius or 203 Fahrenheit. Any cotton fabrication including bed linen, table linen, delicate lingerie, towels, and cotton poplin shirts are used in Quick Wash option settings.


To wash synthetics in a Samsung washing machine, the max load is 3.5kg or 7.7lbs with a max temperature of 60 Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit. Any synthetic fabrication includes blouses or shirts made of polyester or nylon blend.

Delicate Fabrications

To wash delicate fabrications in a Samsung washing machine, the max load is 4kg or 8.8 lbs with a max temperature of 95 Celsius or 203 Fahrenheit. Delicate fabrics include fragile materials that need extra special care when you use a Samsung washer machine.

Here are specific cleaning instructions for different delicate fabrications:


To wash wool in a Samsung washing machine, the max load is 2kg or 4.4lbs with a max temperature of 40 Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit. It only works for machine-washable wool, make sure to read the care label before using the washing machine. For the wool cycle, a neutral detergent is recommended for better washing results.


To wash denim in a Samsung washing machine, the max load is 3kg or 6.6lbs with a max temperature of 60 Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit. This includes any types of denim from jeans to dresses and jackets. This wash cycle uses a higher water level and extra rinse cycle so there are no detergent stains left behind.

How To Use Samsung Washing Machine Top Loader

To use a Samsung washing machine top loader properly, make sure to sort by color and similar fabrications to get best results. This model is more convenient to use rather than squatting down to fill up a front loader.

Always fill the tub with dry and unfolded clothes. Place them around the outer edges in order to prevent wrinkling.

When washing clothing, everyone tends to fill the tub completely. But you don’t want to stuff it full. Instead, add only a few towels to improve the spin performance.

Pro tip: If you are washing delicate items like underwear or lingerie, make sure to use the delicate cycle with similar lightweight undergarments.

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine Problems

The more you use the Samsung top load washing machine, the more problems you will potentially experience.

If you spot any bleach stains happening, don’t overfill the dispenser and never exceed the MAX line in the cup. Be sure to check the level in the washer. After using the dispenser, rinse it well and dry it with a clean paper towel to prevent any future bleach spotting.

If your washer does not start even though the touchpad says, “Ready to begin the cycle,” check if the washer machine is receiving electrical power. If that’s not the problem, clean the door latch connection with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to lock the door sensor completely.

How To Use Samsung Washing Machine Diamond Drum

The diamond drum has holes that are 25% smaller and located deep within each diamond-shaped depression. This helps to prevent the fabrics from sticking out and getting damaged during the spin cycle.

According to the test results, it reduces the textile damage 34% compared to using conventional washing machine drums.

The diamond-shaped drum creates high water pressure to help remove dirt from the clothing much more effectively. The diamond-shaped drum is a recommended feature to add if you are looking to wash and care for your capsule wardrobe pieces to extend the lifetime of quality fabrics.

Samsung Washing Machine Wobble Technology

Understanding the right way for how to use Samsung washing machine wobble technology helps to protect delicate fabrics. The horizontal rotation and vertical water movement created by the innovative Wobble pulsator helps reduces tangles and damage from garment friction.

Wobble technology is a recommended feature to add because it uses less water and also increases the cleaning power.

Which Samsung Washers Have WiFi

With a busy work week and a weekend full of fun activities, laundry becomes a repetitive chore. The last thing you want to do is stand over your washer machine all day long. Controlling your washer machine with a smartphone sounds makes doing laundry much easier and more convenient.

Unfortunately, not all models of Samsung washers have wifi and are compatible with SmartThings. Here are 5 US Samsung washer models that have wifi:

  • WF45K6200AZ
  • WF45K6500AV
  • WF50K7500AV

With the simple to use SmartThings app, you can easily control and monitor a Samsung washer machine.

First, connect the washer to the SmartThings app. Go to the dashboard and tap “Add Device” and then select “Washer.” Follow the instructions to turn on AP mode for the water. The app will confirm when your smartphone and the washer are successfully connected.

Easily adjust washing modes, temperature, rinse, and spin cycle with the app anytime from anywhere.

A well-built capsule wardrobe does not solve everything. Giving the proper clothing care does extend the lifetime of every high quality essential piece.

Know how to use Samsung washing machine for maximum results. Use the different wash cycles to ensure that you enjoy your basic essential items more than ever.

Do you know how to use a Samsung washing machine?

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