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Knit Cami Top Refashion Ideas

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Looking for fashionable and trendy camisole top refashion ideas to add to your DIY wardrobe? Here are knit cami top upcycle projects that require minimal effort for an easy upgrade. 

From pearl strap, to peplum silhouette with eyelet trim, scallop hemline and one shoulder with side shirring, there are tons of design elements that work well with cami tops. Turn your casual layering piece into stylish clothing.

The best part of using knit camisole top is you get to play around with shoulder strap, hemline, and side seam. Completely making a garment from scratch can be intimidating, so learn how to upcycle clothes with sewing machine and fabric glue. 

You will love these knit cami top refashion ideas because…

  • No sewing pattern is required.
  • Develop variety of style from feminine to edgy silhouette using a classic top.
  • Learn basic sewing stitches and overlock machine to secure the seams.
  • Perfect beginner project for a Fashion Wanderer.
  • Use fabric chalk and measurement tape to properly create new hem, neckline, or shoulder strap length. 
  • Make clothes that fit you properly.

If you are new to upcycle clothing world and never sewn before, I recommend to start your journey with these no-sew t-shirt refashion projects. They are easy to follow and feature transformations like crop tops and mini skirt, you will have loads of fun learning a new skill instead of throwing away the old clothes. 

How do you refashion camisole knit top into brand new clothes?

Knit Cami Top Refashion Ideas (4 Easy Upcycle Projects!)

Each camisole top refashion from this tutorial comes with detail measurements, step-by-step photos and video instructions to guide you along. Take the time to learn new techniques from the sewing tips in each project, and also apply your own measurements so that new clothes fit you right. 

In order to upcycle an old camisole top, you do need to know how to take body measurement for clothing. Start the project by adjusting the measurements in the tutorial to your size. 

The upper torso and shoulder lengths are all you need to get started for this basic top. You may experience that some designs require more measurement than the other, so be patient and read through the directions to accurately understand the necessary measurements. 

Plan your project ahead of time, and grab a handful of tools from your sewing kit. Let’s get started!

DIY Knit Cami Top Refashion Ideas Materials:

  • Camisole Top
  • Trim
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Chalk
  • Fabric Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Fabric Scissors

DIY Knit Cami Top Refashion Tips:

Refashioning old knit camisole tops into feminine or street style looks is easily accomplishable. All you need is a few step-by-step instructions to follow for each unique design.

Depending on the specific style, I try to incorporate sustainable and zero waste methods into the garment. I save as many functional pieces and embellishments because you never know when they will come in handy again.

When it comes to removing the bra slider inserted straps, I recommend saving them for an upcoming project in the future. These adjustable slider will be very useful for any dresses or woven tops.

Here are more refashion tips for you to review so that you have a smooth upcycling journey:

  • Fabric Scissors: Prepare your fabric scissors so that they are nice and sharp. Quickly sharpen your scissors by cutting through a piece of folded aluminum foil. By doing so, it will sharpen the dull scissors without needing to be professionally sharpened. Avoid cutting paper with your fabric scissors because this will quickly dull the blades.
  • Needle & Thread: Whether you have a heavy or lightweight knit cami, I recommend changing the sewing needle to a ballpoint or knit jersey needle. This will help to avoid skipped stitches and holes or damage in the fabric. Choose the same color or tone of color thread. and also use 100% polyester blend thread when sewing knits. 
  • Measuring Tape: Clothing has lots of curves around the waistline or hemline, so it’s best to use measuring tape to accurately take measurements. Avoid using a straight ruler for measuring, and instead use it as a guide to only measure perpendicular to the hemline.
  • Trims: In each tutorial, we will learn how to use different trims to embellish the camisole top. Each design comes with instructions for how to attach items to the garment. Test on a scrap piece of fabric beforehand so that you feel comfortable to successfully use methods. 
  • Fabric Glue: Some designs require minimal sewing and other require no sewing machine at all. Instead hand sewing, fabric glue, iron-on adhesives and sharp fabric scissors will be the only tools you need to work with. 
  • Iron: Even though knit fabric is sometimes hard to iron. I recommend giving slight amounts of steam to remove any creases. By doing so, you will have clean and even cutlines. Also, use an iron mat underneath to avoid damaging surface of the tabletop you are working on. 
  • No Sew: If you are working on the pearl strap or scallop hem cami tops, sneak a peak on these no sew hacks. The tips will provide a great addition to your skillset and accelerate the making time. 

More refashion project ideas for your next DIY fashion:

How To Turn Camisole Top Into Cute Cami

There are many ways to transform an old camisole top into a cute and wearable style to pair with your DIY bottoms. Each design feature different techniques like hand beading and fusible interfacing, you will learn various ways to refashion existing garments. 

If you have lot of statement layering pieces in your wardrobe, then you are in the great place to learn! Here are knit cami top refashion ideas to remake popular and trendy clothing. So, re-use and re-wear your old clothes to make brand nw clothes and feel great!

Best knit camisole tops refashion ideas

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